Many exercises for relaxation have the approach to actually relax and calm down, physically. These two exercises are working with the activity of your muscles. Of course, you can find further exercises also in other posts of Coachiendo.

For these exercises please make sure, you are able to move your muscles freely. If you start feeling any pain, please stop immediately and consult a physician. Your health is worth it.

This is a simple, but also active exercise. Do not feel ashamed. Please find more details directly on the site of this exercise.

Make sure you are in an environment where you feel good and can move freely. Get your environment free of things you might destroy or tilt over. There should furthermore be nothing around that could hurt you.

Stand up. Imagine all the burdens you have, sticking to your body. I know, you want to get rid of them to live freely. Imagine, how badly you want them to disappear.

These burdens are just sticking to your body. I believe, you can shake them off. Start shaking your whole body, legs, arms, upper body, everything. Feel how the burdens fall of and disappear. Shake your body as long as you need to feel free of the burdens. Feel how good this feels.

Doing this exercise in the morning, can you start your day full of energy. If pain starts at any point, please stop immediately.

The second exercise should be done laying comfortably. Make sure, nothing will disturb you. Feel free to follow a more detailed explanation on the site of the exercise. It is focusing on tensions of your muscles.

Lay down and start feeling the muscles all over your body, your legs, your arms, your belly, breast and back. Feel even those muscles in your face. Make sure you can control them and tense them.

As soon as you are ready, tense all your muscles at once. Simultaneously take a deep breath and stop breathing. Count in your mind slowly until five. Now strongly breath out and at the same time let go of the tensing all your muscles. Use the energy of breathing out.

You may repeat this exercise some times. Feel how you let go of tensions in your body. Having less tensions, also increases the relaxation. You have the power.

Also working with muscles can calm you down

If you are more an active person, a person that loves to move, than might these two exercises be good for you to relax.

Still, every person is different. Everyone might react differently on these exercises. An appropriate environment might support your success. Repeating exercises regularly increases the success rate, so do not give up to fast, before you look for alternatives on Coachiendo.



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