The Secret of why staying Positive can bring you success
For Starters: Keep the Focus Imagine you are driving a car around a curve. Where do […]
Important: Why you be brave enough to do Changes now
Changes can make you feel excited Do you know the feeling, when you just got a […]
7 simple Methods to make your Team eve more successful
Give me your hand. Let me take you to a journey that shows you seven virtues […]
Find Your Balance in Life Imagine you are driving with a small motorboat across the South […]
Why Investments into the Future should not be delayed
Many companies are waiting with their Investments of time (e.g. into new Processes) or of money […]
Imagination is the Power to Accept different Realities Kids have a great talent. They have the […]
The powerful Guide to successfully Train New Employees
Already some years ago, in a different position my boss asked me to train a new […]
How a Clever Step Back can safe your Results
The Challenge or a step back One day in the past, after discussing with a Finance […]
The 3 powerful Elements of successfully Promoting Talents
A Team is a group of different Talents. Each Talent is an individual and needs to […]
Why crossing Borders is mostly a done in Your Mind.
Borders happen to appear in your Head first Earlier last year, when something happened that influenced […]
3 simple Steps to Tear Down Walls
Finding Walls or Building Walls? Who does not know the following situation? A friend comes to […]
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