How your working habits influence your Health and Success
Some companies, especially startups tend more and more to motivate people to work hard and long […]
Important: How to Stop Wasting your Priceless Time and take Control.
Time and Health are the two most important, even priceless goods. Nevertheless, many people are just […]
There are great things to do with the Energy of Your Dreams
Do you remember the last time you felt passionate for anything? What was it about? Was […]
How you can extremely benefit from Acting Lessons
Some time ago I was taking acting lessons. The people surrounding me reacted in totally different […]
Invitation for Inspiration: Why passing waves in the sea is like living life
This article should train your Imagination and boost your Inspiration. Try to imagine what happens within […]
Be selective of your thoughts and start empowering your mind
Your mind is your most precious possession, anything you plant on it will grow and evolve […]
I want to introduce you herewith practices that you can apply in your daily life. These […]
3 simple steps to break your karma for a more happy life.
What goes around comes back around (karma) What goes around, comes back around, but does it […]
Why each Friendship is different and so necessary in Life.
Let us today think about friendship. Have you already thought about friendship? Have you thought about […]
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Simplicity as key to success In one of my former positions, I was working in Controlling […]
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