3 simple steps to break your karma for a more happy life.

What goes around comes back around (karma)

What goes around, comes back around, but does it need to be like that?

Breaking Karma starts with breaking Your behavior.  For changing what comes around, first change what you send around.

The environment you experience is based on the way you act and behave, on your work and hobbies. Things you usually do, you do with the same people, mostly. You experience the same environment every time. People treat you the same. If you treat people good, they are good to you. On the other hand, if you treat people bad, they tend to do bad to you, except those that want to break their karma.

Imagine you are at work. You have a colleague whom nobody likes. The way he behaves is just strange. Everyone is excluding him. He accepts this. He does not even know, how it feels differently. Some day he seems to change. He is more open minded, friendly and even comes over to you to talk to you. He changes his behavior and you recognize him as a trustworthy member of the company. You suddenly really start to like him and become friends.

This person made the move. He fought his way out of the prison he was inside. He was breaking his karma.

The fight will not be easy, but there are 3 simple steps

Your environment will slowly adopt to you, when you change your behavior. This will not be easy, as it might mean to change who you used to be.

Generally things repeat. The things happening in our life happen again and again. This has the simple background that we tend to be do the same. If we really want to change something, we need to start changing our thoughts and behavior. This is not easy. Also if you try hard to have different results, there is no guarantee that anything changes, because your self-consciousness is steering you to the old direction / to the routine again.

For really changing your lives, your karma or your “destiny”, you need to start much deeper:

1) Analyze your Behavior and habits

Understanding who you are is the first step to become who you want to be. It is never too late to change!

Analyze yourself and ask friends and family. See how you are acting. Try to understand the consequences for your life. If your friends tell you that you are grumpy sometimes, this might be a reason that some people try to avoid you. In case they tell you, you are too friendly, this might result in people exploiting you. Understand who you are to start the change. Find the right Key attitudes. Write them down. Write down everything your friends, family and colleagues told you about and move on.

2) Understand the situations on your own

Your Actions cause Reactions. Know yourself, know the reactions you cause. Cause Actions that lead to the Reactions you desire.

The key question now is: Why do you act like that? Try to find those situations that your friends, colleagues and family told you about in real life. You need to understand those situations completely and realize when and why you are acting like this.

Therefor please take out your list and add comments, what each point might be resulting in, like you re grumpy, people are grumpy to you or try to avoid you. Than go out into the day and see those points in real life. Keep your eyes open and maybe directly understand the reaction of the people around you.

Imagine you are in the office. You just arrived there and are still tired. All you want to do first is to drink a coffee, but you also got an important note on your desk that asks you to urgently check your mails. You start feeling stressed, oh what a day and you see a colleague on the floor who sometimes brings you coffee. He is a really nice guy, everyone likes him and you know, some people are exploiting him. So you shout at your colleague “Hey, bring me a coffee” and you realize “damn it, I am really grumpy sometimes”.

Complete the list, make notes on each point. Write down what reactions your actions cause. Once this is done and you understand your behavior, you can actively start to change.

3) Find your way out

Breaking Karma might mean to break who you are. Change to what really makes you happy. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Now you see those situations. you understand how you are acting, your behavior and can imagine what they are resulting in. Now your hard work starts: You got your list of behavior. You understand the reactions on your actions. You made notes about what your behavior results in. Now mark the most extreme points, those points that might bring you something that you do not want anymore. Concentrate on those and change the way you behave.

Think about the smartest way to change this. Anything is possible, you just need to fight for it. You need to push for whatever is needed. You might think of e.g Coaching, talking to a Psychologist, acting more Self-Aware, changing basic things like developing a private life beside the job, going to bed earlier or finding some special friend, you feel connected to. DO changes where you feel good with. This makes it easier for you.

Life is more than what you have now. You should continuously work on enhancing your life, working on luck (yes you can work on your luck), moving on, breaking karma and this is not easy, for sure.

Do not forget: You are a result of your experience. Your environment is a result of your behavior. When you permanently change something in your life, this also affects your environment. If you want to change something, start now.



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