3 simple Steps to Tear Down Walls

Finding Walls or Building Walls?

Who does not know the following situation?
A friend comes to you, complaining about his situation like “I feel so lonely, I wish I had someone on my own”, “I am not happy in my job, somehow I have no progress.” or “I tried everything possible, but somehow I cannot move on.”

This friend complains about his situation and about not having any progress. He builds walls around himself and is hiding behind them. I know such situations from my past as well, but I developed a strategy against it, which is really simple, but effective. It needs to be implemented deep inside of a your behavior to get the best results, otherwise it is just a flame that goes out easily without much effect and even more frustration and disappointment. This is your chance to develop a technique to Tear Down Walls.

1) See it and accept it!

Take your Chance.

You cannot change the past. What happened, happened. The current situation is the result of decisions, processes and external influences of the past. It does not help to worry. Worrying or complaining does not make it better. Most people do not like crybabies. What helps me in a first step, is to analyze the current situation, understand it and accept it.

When I was diagnosed cancer, of course I was shocked the first days. I read about it in the Internet. Media is focusing on getting audition to make money, of course. They provide extreme information that they think, they can sell the best. The information provided is partly even wrong. Do not trust everything you read in the internet or you see on TV. Think about the medium you use for your specific situation. In my situation, I asked experts, doctors who know the situation and have experience with comparable cases. Luckily I also have the full support of my wonderful wife, family, friends and work, which is a supportive environment in this case. I know, where I am and I am working on getting better.

2) Work on it and move on!

Set yourself targets and go for them. Start Your Future Now.

After understanding the situation, it is now up to you what you make of it. Are you happy with it? Is there anything that you wish were different or better? What does this mean for you?

Understanding and accepting the situation is the first step. It is the status which is available (only) now. This is your chance to change it into your direction. The opportunity starts now.

Keep in mind: Your environment is also influencing it. You can only watch and look after it, if you put no energy into it. Your environment does not sleep and tries to get the best for themselves.

I recommend you, to set yourself targets and define for yourself where you want to be. Work on a plan, measures and process that brings you to where you want to be. Start your future now!

3) Reevaluate your Status! Where are you now?

You can always work on your plan, but what is also important: Where are you now?

If you worked on a plan about how to come to where you want to be, this still does not a guarantee that your plan brings you to your target situation:

Change is Progress, so take Control.

– You might have expected a different outcome of your measures. The results of your plan might be less pronounced or lead into a completely different situation.
– Your environment might use your actions for their own benefit. These actions of yours might be competing with your environments actions or bring you even better results. But, your plan might also be contrary to the movement of the environment. It causes additional work while showing bad results.
– Your experience, status change and environment might open new opportunities. You are growing with your experience, get to know the market and your environment is continuously changing. You might reach a different status which enables you to also look in different and new directions. With time passing and actions implementing new chances might open the door for you.

Change is progress. If you check and keep your status changes and your environment continuously on your mind, than you get the great opportunity to successfully and actively influence / steer your life through the environment to where you want to be. You can even adapt your target on the way and be the captain of your life. Take the Chance and be the author of your life instead of just a role in the life of someone else. This is your decision.

Believe in yourself and look for your balance

Keep Track of your Life Continuously. This is not a one time job.

The way to where you want to be will not be easy all the time. People will probably even throw stones in your way and it is up to you, what you do with it. Do not let others make your decisions. Do not only follow those who you think are smarter or have more influence. You should be the main influencer of your life. Your decisions are good. If the result is bad, than you have the great opportunity to learn from it. Believe in yourself.

I know, the way is not always easy. I also believe that you should from now on only focus on your target. It is important to keep the balance. Proceed with your hobbies, with things that make you happy. Find the time for exercising at least two to three hours per week. This will make you more balanced and give you more power, confidence and motivation for reaching your target. Confidence and hope should be the fuel in your engine.

So, whenever you are in an unlikely situation, a situation that makes you feel worried or concerned, understand and accept the status. Work on a plan to change the status and regularly check on the degree of target achievement. Continuously analyze and enhance your process. Keep your life in balance and most important: Trust in yourself. You can do it!



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