I want to introduce you herewith practices that you can apply in your daily life. These practices help you to clean your mind as well as to boost the happiness and harmony in your relationships with others and your inner self.

1.Illuminate your path

The hard situations of your past have gifted you the confidence you have today. Love each challenge in your life.

Whenever you are facing a difficult situation that looks very dark and negative to your life, focus on finding the light. Take the time to evaluate all the aspects, and make a list of the alternative ways of solution. If you think, it is not possible for you to humanly change the situation, try to make a list of the benefits you can get from that challenging experience and focus on it. Do not stop enjoying the adventure of your gifted life.

There is always a positive side of the story. If you are smart and wise enough to find the rocks that block your way, you can learn to live with them, love them, and use them as a leverage to boost your potential. It is important that you also give thanks for the difficult situation that you are facing, while you work on this process. Every experience you make is a chance to learn.

You will be rewarded by extracting the positive and victoriously overcoming the situation. It will mark your life forever. In the future, you will be more confident about yourself, especially when you look back into your past. You will feel proud of how wise you managed that moment in your life. You will use the confidence you gained as a motivation to face new challenges. New challenges will always be on your way.

2.Select your thoughts

Getting the ability to take control and be selective of the material you send to your brain is vital. This is a practice you must apply every day. It helps you to take control of your thoughts and to protect your emotional balance. This way you will attract more success into your life.

The following four practices will help you to clean your mind and control the information you want your brain to codify:

Watch your vocabulary

Each word you listen or say will always evolve in your mind. Work on keeping only the positive and valuable information.

Your vocabulary will always reflect who you are as a person. It is a result of your experience and learning. The way you talk you attract different things to your life. Your words are the external reflection of your inner environment. Each word you listen or use will always evolve in your mind. Therefore, allow your brain to only keep positive and valuable information that can promote the best in you and the people around you. Be respectful of your mind and take care of it as if it were a sacred temple. Do not let everything enter to that sacred space.

Avoid envy and criticism

Criticism and envy are very constant in the life of many people. If you are already accustomed to this behavior, you may think is almost impossible to avoid it, but it is not. You will be promoting a negative mental programming, not only by criticizing others but also by criticizing yourself. Criticism and envy are behaviors that can be as destructive as to stopping you, to make contact with people that can be valuable for your life.

Before you start criticizing someone, think about 3 positive characteristics, strengths of that person, or about 3 benefits you can get from your relationship with that person. Repeat the positive aspects you found three times. This will function as a blocking therapy to avoid letting negative feelings grow inside your mind. If you want to see the positive changes in your life, you must constantly use this practice. With the time it will get easier.

Do not take it too personally

People don’t do things to YOU, people make things, and you decide if they affect you or not.

When someone rejects you, it hurts, maybe, as if that person had released a bomb of destructive feelings right into your heart. This might be ruining the rest of your day. Furthermore, it might create insecurities that will even be present in your future. This is why you need to learn, not to take this type of behavior too personal, especially if it comes from people you barely know.

Before you respond in the same way to an impolite, rejecting or hurting action (mirroring), think about how bad and serious it was for you, and try to develop and focus on a smart and polite answer. Your reaction talks about you. If you do it well, it shows you are educated, with good manners, and with a balanced emotional intelligence. Maybe that person (the recipient) will feel ashamed after all. Even if not, try to always remember that people do not do bad things to you. People just do things. You decide if and how they affect you or not. Do not keep any resentfulness, this does not bring anything important to your spirit. Likewise, impolite/hurting actions or comments are a characteristic of a superficial being.

The fact that you are taking your time to read this article in order to work on becoming every day a better person, does not mean that everybody does the same. You must understand that you will always feel better with people that share your values and beliefs. Just try to surround yourself with people who share your vibes and perception of life. Do not stop interacting and learning from each person. Remember that as Confucius said: “Everything has a beauty but not everyone can see it”.

Do not judge superficially

Do not allow yourself to create superficial judgments. This will surely stop you to discover the beauty that resides in each human being. Before you create a bad concept without real fundamentals, take your time to start the adventure of learning more about the other person. You may find very interesting things that can be fruitful for your life.

3.Protect your environment:

Imagine, you constantly interact with people who project much negativity. Or imagine, you are working with people that affect your process of maintaining a clean and a powerful positive mind. In any of these situations: Analyze how risky it is, and whether you can manage it.

You can try to let the disturbing person know about your focus on keeping a positive and balanced mind, if he/she is close to you, a family member, for example. Tell that person that you are always working on avoiding negative thoughts / a negative mental programming and that you would like to have his/her support on this.

If this does not work, you should take some temporal or intermittent distant. If you and that person live in the same place, just try to find activities that keep you away. Always strengthen yourself with motivational material to counteract the negative inputs you are receiving. Don’t be a victim, be a strategist, be brave, maybe you can become immune to this situation.

In any case, do not take the risk to accept that someone interrupts your constant work on having a peaceful, healthy and clean spirit. There are people who can make you take a step back, do not risk your progress.

4. Invest in the development of your mind:

Just as you invest time to work on your physical health, or in increasing your professional knowledge, you should also work in feeding your mind with valuable motivational material that can always keep you forward to your goals and bring you good energy each day.

You can read motivational books like successful life biographies, explore Coachiendo, watch motivational videos, attend seminars and conferences about this topic, or even get access to valuable material that is free on the internet. Never stop working on your equilibrium. Always invest in your spirit, your body, and your (professional) development.

5.Thanking exercise:

Take time for thanking about simple things you take for granted. You might realize how lucky and privileged you are.

Every day before you fall asleep at night, take a short time to visualize all the moments you had in your day. Give thanks to everything you had the opportunity to live in a chronological order.

Don’t forget to also thank for the most simple things that you may take for granted, like having had food to cook that great lunch, or laying in a comfortable bed.

You should even give thanks for each healthy organ in your body that is functioning properly. This way you will always realize how lucky and privileged you are.



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