When you have tensions in your body, does also this influence your mood. Remember when you had strong tensions in your back the last time and how good it can feel, being in the sauna after doing sports. Well, there is not always a sauna around, but there are also other exercises you can do for relaxing your muscles and mind.

Depending on the person, does each exercise work differently on a person. This exercise works with tensions and breathing. It does not even take a minute. You should be laying down.

With this exercise will you start to feel more and more muscles. You will get to know your body even better. If you develop any pain, please directly stop. Make sure, your muscles are good and healthy. If you have challenges with your muscles, please consult your physician.

Do not worry, if this exercise does not work immediately. Repeating is the key to success and if you think, you might react better on other exercises, please also try other exercises on Coachiendo.

No breath it out

The best is if you lay down comfortably. Make sure, nothing is bothering you. Eliminate the potential sources of disruption.

As you lay there, tense your muscles. Tense all of them and relax. Repeat this, until you think, you can tense all your muscles.

Now tense on all your muscles and take a deep breath in the same time. Count in your mind slowly until 5. Now exhale strongly and simultaneously relax all your muscles with the same power.

Let your tensions leave your body

This exercise should help you to get rid of the tensions in your body and therefore feel more relaxed. Do not worry, if you feel it right the first time. You might start, feeling it stronger, the more often you try it. You will even start feeling more and more muscles, the more times you try it.

You will be able to feel your body better, every time you try this exercise. More and more muscles will get your attention and you might have a way now to let tensions disappear. Appreciate your body and do not waste your health. You will not get it back.




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