The rate and depth of your breath controls the amount of oxygen that your lung gets. When you are doing sports, are you breathing deeper and more often. Also your heart starts beating faster. Your body requires more oxygen, as your muscles are working. You are active. The need of oxygen increases the breath rate.

Relaxation is connected to a low heart rate. A quickly beating heart is a sign of nervousness. You can steer the heart rate with your breath.

This exercise quickly shows you, how to bring you into a mood of relaxation. You should look for different exercises on Coachiendo, if you have challenges, breathing. In case of doubt, please ask your Physician before.

Breath slowly and relax

This exercise might require some practice. You can do it anywhere where no sudden reactions of you are required. For the start, it might be good to do it in a atmosphere where you feel comfortable. Sit down comfortably.

Slowly inhale deeply for around 12 seconds. Feel how the air makes your lung grow. The oxygen streams into your body and with it a good mood, positive energies.

Keep the breath for 12 seconds. Feel how your heart beat normalizes, slows down. After doing this sometimes, may you already stat, feeling the relaxation in your head.

Now slowly exhale again for another 12 seconds. Feel how the used air and with it the stressful moments leave your body. The more you proceed, the better you feel.

I recommend to repeat this cycle 4 times.

Relaxed breathing - Repeatedly better

As each other exercise, does this exercise work the best, if you do it regularly. Depending on the basis of your stress and your personality might other exercises work better. Feel free to look for other Coachiendo Best Friend exercises for Relaxation.

As you might quickly recognize: Breathing techniques have a big power over how you feel. Feel the whole power of breathing.




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