Please note: For a detailed explanation of QiGong-Terms, as well as to understand the QiGong-Approach, please also check the General Introduction of QiGong..

The exercise “Clean your spine” targets in washing the spine clean, for feeling and increasing the mobility, as well as to get rid of muscle hardening in the spine area. If you have pain in your back or even develop it during this exercise, please immediately stop with it and consult a physician. Do not risk your health, it’s priceless.

As other exercises, does also this one bring the best results, if you practice it regularly. The more often you exercise, the better should be the outcome. You might do something wrong, if this is not the case. We even recommend you, to also consult a professional QiGong practitioner. This person can understand, whether you do the exercise correctly and can give you the best advice in person.

Open your mind, clean your spine regularly, to avoid muscle hardening around your spine.

Nevertheless, you can do this exercise already on your own. It is simple. When you start feeling the results, will you know, that you do it correctly. Keep in mind: QiGong is the combination of Physical Postures, Breathing Techniques, Imagination, Attention and your Will (see also: QiGong – General Introduction).

The spine is important for your life and quality of life. Malfunctions can cause pain or even paralysis. It is connected to all your body. This is why it is so important to take good care of it and clean it from hardening.

For being able to do this exercise, we recommend to initially follow these instructions:

Clean your spine from hardening - The Imagination

Stand solid with both your feet on the ground. Feel the ground below your whole feet. Imagine how roots strike into the ground for several meter. They strike deeper and deeper, until they encounter water. he water is clear as crystal, incredibly clean.

Your roots dip inside and start to absorb this clean and energizing water. Feel how this water is actively climbing up the roots now. You do not have to work on it. It soon enters your feet and climbs up your legs, until it reaches the tailbone.

The water level is now still rising – inside the spine only – and simultaneously washing your spine from the inside. The higher it rises, the more parts of your spine feel clean and fresh.

When the water reaches the top of the cervical spine, does it flow down – outside along the spine. At the tailbone does the dirty water flow outside along your legs down into the ground, draining away.

Clean your spine from hardening - The Movement

Having this process on your mind, now start moving your spine. Your arms are hanging down, loose, and swing around, to the left and the right, in the front and the back of your body. Keep this movement for the rest of the exercise. Still also imagine the flow of the clean water, washing your spine.

Now also turn your upper body in circles around the spine. The arms follow this moving. The water is washing your spine more and more clean. Imagine, how your spine becomes more and more clean, white. Feel how you can move it better and better.

Clean your spine from hardening - Slowly stop the process

Do this exercise as long as you wish, until your spine feels as free and clean, as you wish. When you reached the point, slow down your movements. The circles slowly become smaller and slower, until you just feel it for a minimum. Stay calmly.

Stop the water, climbing up your roots and let the last water drain into the soil. Pull your roots out of the ground again. Take some deep breath in and out, while you focus on your lower Dantian. Keep the focus for some breath, before you slowly start to recognize your environment again. Your focus goes from inside your body to the outside. Feel how good your spine can move again.

Don't stop caring for your spine

I really hope, this exercise helps you to feel better in your back, especially around your spine. At the end, does the success lay in repeating it regularly. Your body is your temple and your spine is an important pillar, so care for it regularly.

If you develop some pain during this exercise, please consult a physician as soon as possible. Do not underestimate challenges with your spine. Enjoy this and the other Coachiendo exercises.



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