Kasina is a preliminary Meditation which is focusing on Visualization. With this exercise should you practice to free your mind of unnecessary thoughts and worries. It makes your mind and body available for following exercises. Kasina Meditation is preliminary and opening the door for Meditations to come.

This Meditation will clear your mind to reach mindfulness. Beside preparing for Meditating body and mind, you will be able to better focus on your tasks and find solutions easier. You will be able to experience your environment more detailed.

As for all other exercises, can’t you expect to reach the best result already with the first time trying. You need to meditate repeatedly and regularly to get the best results. If you should feel any kind of pain during the Meditation, e.g. caused by a sitting position, please directly stop and contact a physician. Your health goes first.

Are you ready for Kasina?

Start Visualizing

You may do this exercise inside or outside, maybe in a nice park, anywhere where nothing and no one disturbs or interrupts you and where you feel good.

Come into a Meditating position, as described here. It should be preferred to choose one of the sitting positions, especially in the beginning.

So, sit down, with your back straight and look around. Look out for an object you like, something that makes you feel good.

Focus on this object and this object only. Gaze at it. Analyze the forms and colors. Completely only understand this object. All your other thoughts are slowly disappearing. Recognize how it moves in the wind.

When the lines get blurred or your focus disappears in any other way, refocus. See the shapes and movements clearly. Understand the object fully. What is special about it?

Practicing this preliminary Meditation may take half a minute, a minute or even longer. You can take our time enjoy the moment. If you wish, you even may switch the object.

Your mind is Visually clear now?

This meditation exercise has the possibility to clear your mind by the simple visualization of an object. You may feel more mindful afterwards.

For feeling this, you need to practice Kasina Meditation regularly. It is like e.g. learning to paint. You usually cannot make beautiful paintings straight away, but you need practice. If you have challenges, learning and experiencing it on your own, feel free to visit any Buddhist association or Buddhist center around the world for advise.

Click here to learn more about Buddhism and Meditation.



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