Satipatthana Meditation wants to cultivate your Mindfulness. It may even support the enlightenment. Buddhists use it to unlock the secrets of our existence, as well as to free themselves from suffering. This meditation increases Concentration and gives insights simultaneously.

This Meditation is about continuously focusing on objects, which might even change their shape. This ongoing focus shall stabilize the mind and thus the concentration. In the same process, you also gain insights on the object of focus.

There are different interpretations of this Meditation existing. The one explained below should be easy to understand and to practice for most people. For trying alternative versions, feel free to contact a Center of Buddhism

Also Satipatthana requires regular practicing to achieve results. You cannot expect miracles immediately, but you may develop your skills constantly. If you should feel any kind of pain during the Meditation, e.g. caused by a sitting position, please directly stop and contact a physician. Your health is most important.

Achieve Mindfulness gradually

Foor practicing this Meditation, please remember the four bases of Mindfulness: Your body, Your Feelings and Sensations, Your Mind and Consciousness, the Dharmma (Cosmic Law and Order, the explanation of Phenomenons).

Now go out. You might start in a room where you feel good, or in a Park. Make sure, nothing disturbs you. If you wish, use one of the postures of Buddhist Meditation.

Look for an object that interests you. In the beginning might it be something that makes you feel good. This might be a dog, a bird, a tree or a simple painting sticking to a wall. If you choose a person, might this person feel stalked. Be careful. Get an exciting object and focus on it. Gasp it and nothing around. Pay all your attention on the object and nothing else. Nothing else exists in this moment, only your object.

Observe the object. How does it look? What makes it special?What does it do? How does it behave and react? Note in your mind everything about this object, from the beginning to the end, from the appearance to the actions.

Continue with the observations for some time. It might be the best until you understand everything about it, or until it is gone. You may also stop, if you have to leave. Mindfulness does not come without working on it.

This is heading element

You may apply this simple anytime, anywhere you can pay full attention to something without being disturbed.

The result, you may already feel from the beginning. Nevertheless, the more you practice it, the easier Satipatthana Meditation will be. You will be more mindful and gradually enlighten your mind more.

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