The Four Immeasurable Qualities are four attitudes one should have and follow to end suffering and thus increase happiness. The attitudes are called Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equability. They should be the attitude against every feeling being. Click here to learn more about the four Immeasurable.

This Meditation targets in increasing the Level of the attitude within each meditating person and as result, create happiness inside them, inside you and improve your environment. This Meditation targets in influencing your attitude. It is using the power of words.

There is one Meditation for each of the Immeasurably Qualities. The difference is laying in the verses to be spoken.

Do not worry, if you do not feel changes immediately. It is recommended to practice the Meditation of each Quality for at least one month, regularly. As every person is different, is the success of each Meditation different for each person. You may also try other ways and Meditations from Coachiendo or contact a center of Buddhism.

Are you ready to make yourself, as well as your environment more happy?

Now, Meditate for happiness

How to Meditate the Four Immeasurable Qualities

As mentioned above: The general structure of meditating the four Immeasurables is the same. Please also consider the Evolution of this Meditation. You find it at the end of this page.


Look for a place where you feel good, free of interruptions or distraction. Depending on your personality and your level of experience, might this be different places. You may prefer being in a simple room, where you do not feel embarrassed, trying new ways of meditation or in a park, under a tree.

Go into a Meditation position, sitting preferred. Click here for checking on the Meditation postures.

Before you start with the Meditation itself, we recommend you to do the Samatha Meditation for 10 to 15 minutes, for a higher Concentration, and to bring your mind on a good level, free of confusions.

Main Part

In the second and man part, say the verses for the Quality you want to Meditate out loud. Do this slowly, verse for verse. Make a short break after each verse. Observe all reactions coming up: Reactions in you body and in your mind. Which emotions and Feelings do you recognize?

After saying aloud the four verses of the compassion, make some minutes break.Pay attention to your Body and Mind. What is happening? What do you observe?

Repeat this process as often as you want to, at least 3 times. Experience what is happening within you. Do you already see a difference in your reactions?

The Finish

At the end, rest for 10 minutes. Let go of the versus and let go of all other thoughts or intentions. Do not let anything distract you. If this is hard for you, focus on the rising and falling of your belly through your natural breathing. Do not try to control what you experience or feel, simply be open to whatever happens.

Find a smooth and calming ending of your Meditation.

Verses of Loving-Kindness

Loving Kindness is an unconditional love, which you shall feel for everyone, every feeling being. This is not depending on whether you have a connection to the being or not.

For enhancing this Quality, use these verses:

Verses of Compassion

Compassion is the ability to share feelings with someone. This means, t be able to feel happy, when you see someone happy or to feel sad, if someone feels sad.

To optimize you Compassion, meditate these Verses:

Verses of Appreciative Joy

The Appreciative Joy means to appreciate the joy of others. This includes, not to be jealous.

Improving your Appreciative Joy, repeat these verses:

Verses of Equanimity

Equanimity is the quality to understand every feeling being as equal. No being shall be treated differently than another one.

If you wish to respect every feeling being the same, meditate these verses:

The Evolution of this Meditation

After Meditating on the Four Immeasurable Qualities, leave the word “will” out of the verses. Realize your changing attitude.

When you feel comfortable with your changes and positively influence your environment, start changing the versus even more. Include single persons instead of “I will” and start the sentence by a “may + person or group of people”. This means e.g.: Change “I will be happy, well and at peace” to: “May Linda be happy, well and at peace” or to: “May the refugees be happy, well and at peace.”

Buddhists believe that by meditating for people, also those may change their attitude.

Make the world a better place

I know, it is hard to change the world, but just as a stone falling into a lake causes waves, so can also you cause changes. You may influence someone, who influences others again. You may start a chain reaction. This Meditation may support you with it.

Do not worry, experts are not born experts, neither do they grow on trees. You need to practice a meditation regularly to feel the true success. If the success, does not start, feel free to try another exercise here on Coachiendo or maybe also contact a center of Buddhism.

You are interested in Buddhism and Buddhist Meditation? Click here for more information.



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