Samatha Meditation wants to calm your mind, allow you to focus single topics and thus see things more clearly. Calming down confusing thoughts will allow you to be more focused. This in return will give you more clarity. You will develop inner Strength and Calmness.

This Meditation is often followed by the Vipassna Meditation. The Dhammakaya Meditation is even combining elements of those two. Samatha is also the base for the Satipatthana Meditation. It is clear: A calmer mind, mixed with insights lead to higher concentration and wisdom, potentially even to enlightenment.

As other Meditations, also this one brings the best results, if you practice it regularly. The more often you practice, the easier will it be. Please also note: There are around 40 different types of Samatha meditation available. We show you here a version, focusing on the breath, as this is suitable for most people.

If you should feel any kind of pain during the Meditation, e.g. caused by a sitting position, please directly stop and contact a physician. Your health goes first.

Let’s get started and calm your mind.

Learn Focusing with Samatha

For practicing the Samatha Meditation, please first go to a place where you feel good and where nothing will interrupt you. Put your phone to mute. The more beginner you are, the more important it is for you to have a not interrupting environment, also for Samatha.

Now do the steps as follows:

This is heading element

After practicing this for some time, you will be able to concentrate easier. Your mind will be calm. You will feel freer with space in your mind. This space gives you clarity and open the door for new insights and wisdom.

Do not worry, if you cannot keep your focus in the beginning. You need to practice Samatha regularly to get the best results.

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