There are great things to do with the Energy of Your Dreams

Do you remember the last time you felt passionate for anything? What was it about? Was it maybe about your first love? Maybe it was about a new Phone you bought. Or was it about being hired in your current position? Is it possibly about a new hobby, like learning Tango travelling to a country? Can you still feel the Energy, thinking about it?

The Thunderstorm in your Heart

Well this morning I saw a Video about “Summer in Israel”. This was a short movie, produced by Shai Cohen and Jonathan Karmi (for the Video click here). I saw places I have been, places I felt so passionate for and I feel it again. Suddenly I was missing Israel. This was new to me. I never knew, a country could ever make me feel like that.

Sometimes dreams can wake up as much Energy as a Thunderstorm inside of you. Be aware of it and use that Energy, Your Chance to reach big Goals.

Some time ago I met a friend, also working in startup industry. We talked about startup scene and Global Hotspots as well as about which countries we would move to for work and why. We talked about ideas to start a business on our own. This conversation was meant to be switching to Israel, as the Israeli Startup-Hub is the second biggest in the world Click here to learn more about Startup-Hubs). My friend went to the long night of startups in Berlin, afterwards. She wrote me later that this was the first day she thought about Israel. Talking to startup people (partly from Israel) about Israel made her now, unexpectedly, also passionate about the Startup industry over there as well as the Israeli mentality.

Suddenly there are moments in life where I feel the fire, the passion for that country again. I feel like there is a thunderstorm in my heart. If I believed in signs, those moments would hit them directly into my face, asking me to wake up and to go for my dreams,for this dream, also if this would mean to follow the risky way, but my passion. Good that I love writing for Coachiendo even more and that Berlin is an amazing city. This is why this Thunderstorm in my heart strong, but is to weak to cause changes at the moment.

When a Thunderstorm can change your life.

Following a Dream you are Passionate about awakes incredible Energy and Resources in You. Use that Energy and it feels like flying.

Imagine you meet a woman or man you are totally into. You meet this person and he/she is completely fascinating you. Whenever you think about him / her, it feels like butterflies in your stomach. You cannot concentrate on other things anymore. Think about the first sentences you talk to each other. He / she is not easy to get. You see, you have to fight for him / her. Do you remember the energy you suddenly have?

You want to get him / her, no matter how much energy you have to invest. When you see that you are coming closer, it even multiplies the fire within you. It is not 120 % of energy anymore, it is even 1.000 % you can suddenly invest and feel like flying. You can start things, changing the environment surrounding you. Your life gets a new routines. You feel like ten years younger suddenly and decide spontaneously to go new ways. You even can change your behavior. The dream of being with him / her makes you a different, maybe even a better person.

Form Dreams to give you Energy to reach your Goals

The bigger your dream is, the more energy can you set free. With the right dreams, you can change the world, set your environment on fire with the thunders in your heart.

The bigger your dream is, the more energy can you set free. The more separate this dream from other dreams is, the bigger the Energy gets as well. Important is that the dreams have to be reachable in your mind or, otherwise, you will be frustrated soon. You can dream reasonably big, to get energy, for positively influencing your environment. Go and get your dream, use it for the good, it already has your name all over it. With the right dreams, you can change the world, set your environment on fire with the thunders in your heart.

The Challenge: Be ready for it when Your Dream is ready for You

Be ready for it when Your Dream is ready for You, do not miss the Chance to live Your Passion!

Sometimes in life we suddenly start, seeing things through new eyes. New dreams can be born and your life can possibly change completely. Be open to it. The challenge is, also to be ready for it, once you see the chance. Believe in your dreams and make a plan of how to reach them.

We only see what we want to see, when we are ready to see it. You never know when a door will open or when a door will close. Consider all doors that open to you. Choose the doors you enter in life wisely. Go out and do whatever you feel like, what makes you happy. Do what you think, satisfies you the most in a situation.

Let your dreams fuel your life

Whenever you feel weak or tired, Revive your Dream or Live a New One. Keep the Fire Inside of You Burning.

Trust the power inside of you. See the fire, feel the Thunderstorm. Multiply the fire and the Thunders. Get the energy out of it. Once you feel weak or tired, start new things again or remember your Dream. Revive your Energy, your Passion, if you see a chance to reach it. If not, kindle a new fire, Follow a different Thunderstorm in your Heart. Do everything for keeping the fire inside alive. There is no better Energy, no better Power than those of following and Reaching your Dreams, the things you are passionate about. Go for it.

I recommend you to also read about “7 Lessons I learned, following my dreams ” as well as “How to light the fire of Innovation“, which is the result of a dream.



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