The Dhammakaya Meditation is a powerful meditation to enhance the level of concentration, and simultaneously gain wisdom in accordance to the noble fourth truth.

This meditation is the combination of the preliminary meditations (Kasina, Buddhanussati and Anapanasati), as well as of Samatha (focusing on Concentration / right concentration) and Vipassana (focusing on perception / right wisdom).

As for all other exercises, can’t you expect to reach the best result already with the first time trying. You need to meditate repeatedly and regularly to get the best results. If you should feel any kind of pain during the Meditation, e.g. caused by a sitting position, please directly stop and contact a physician. Your health goes first.

There are different interpretation of this Meditation available. Coachiendo will show you one. Are you ready to reach a higher level of concentration and understanding?

Before we start: The Principle of the Center

The Principle of the Center of the Body is an element of the Samatha Meditation. It requires you to apply the three meditations of concentration (Kasina, Buddhanussati and Anapanasati), as well as of Samatha (focusing on Concentration / right concentration) and Vipassana (focusing on perception / right wisdom) simultaneously at the center of the body. This shall happen like this:

Please sit down cross-legged (tailor seat). Your right leg shall lay on your left leg. Move your right hand on the left hand. Turn your palms upwards. The right index finger is touching the thumb of the left hand. Sit upright and prepare your mind for meditation already. Carefully close your eyes, as if the close from alone. Breath deeply until you fell comfortable and your mind is clear.

As of Samatha Meditation, do you now need to work with your imagination: (a) repeating words and (b) visualizing an object.

The words you shall repeat continuously on your mind are “Samma Arahang”. “Samma” means as much as “propper”. “Arahang” can be translated as “cleaning your mind” and “freeing yourself from suffering”.

The object you have to visualize with your closed eyes, inside of you, is a simple bright and clear ball.

Imagining these two things in your mind shall for some time shall lead your attention to the center of your body. You are ready for the Dhammakaya Meditation itself.

Meditating Dhammakaya

Do not change the position you are sitting and follow these seven steps:

1) The Opening of your Nose
Concentrate. Imagine a bright, clear and even transparent, ball formed object, in the size of a grain of sand, in the opening of your nose. For Women should it be at the left and for men at the right opening. Pay all attention to the center of this ball (or sphere). Now repeat the words “Samma Arahang” three times in your mind / thoughts. Do not say them aloud, while the very bright small ball still stays in the opening of your nose. Your mind is focused now.

2) The Eye Socket
Move the imaginary bright and clear ball slowly towards your Eye Socket (women: right Eye Socket; men: left Eye Socket). Also while moving it, always pay your full attention on the center of the moving sphere. After the ball arrived in the Eye Socket, repeat the words “Samma Arahang” three times in your mind.

3) The Center of your Head
Keep focusing on the center of the ball and move it slowly towards the center of your head, where it rests again. Now repeat the words “Samma Arahang” again for three times in your mind.

4) Your Palate Terminus
Your body stays upright. All your body remains in the position you are in, with the eyes closed. Roll (only) your eyes-balls up. Move nothing else. Do not lift your head. Now move the shiny and transparent sphere slowly and directly downwards the palate. Being at the lower end, imagine the two words “Samma Arahang”, repeating three times on your mind. This makes the ball even brighter and clearer.

5) The opening of Your Throat
Next step: Move the ball slowly further downwards, towards your throat. Focus the center of the sphere. In the throat it will rest a bit again, to keep it bright and clear. Repeat “Samma Arahang” three times in your mind.

6) The Center of Your Physical Body
Still keep focusing on the center of the sphere and move it slowly further down. Bring it to the deepest point of where you can feel the movement of the breath. This is on level of your navel. It is the center of your physical body. Hold the sphere steady at this place and repeat in your mind three times, “Samma Arahang”.

7) Position of Sphere
Finally, it is time to reach the Position of Sphere. Move the ball the width of two fingers higher, above the navel. This position is as of Buddhist tradition the spot where your mind is resting and where your soul (Dhamma Sphere) leaves the physical body after death / your soul enters your physical body with birth. It is the position of your Dhamma Sphere. This Damma Sphere contains the four spheres of: Cognition, Memory, Thought and Vision. During Meditation is it floating between this position and the center of your body.

Keep your ball in this position. Keep focusing on its center. Continuously repeat the words “Samma Arahang” to keep the ball bright and clear. Do not confuse the Damma Sphere with the bright and clear, even transparent sphere in the size of a grain of sand that you moved through your body. They are different.

Repeating the magical words make your ball even brighter and clearer. Maybe even some more spheres develop here. focus on the center of each of those bright and clear balls.

Let nothing interrupt you during meditation. Forget about all external influences to achieve the best benefit. Do not even pa attention to following your breath. It is in a fully natural process.

Focus on your point, still repeating “Samma Arahang”. Open your mind to develop further. Therefore, now let it rest for a while in the center of this point. Envision the bright ball, the sphere you moved through your physical body.

Some important notice at the end

Do not force your mind too much. Give the whole meditation a chance to develop naturally. Forcing your mind will stop the awesome results. Do not worry, if you cannot meditate Dhammakaya immediately. It is not easy. Practice it repeatedly and regularly.

This Meditation is focusing on imagination, why it is recommended to keep the eyes closed and forget about internally influences during the whole practice.

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