Why each Friendship is different and so necessary in Life.

Let us today think about friendship. Have you already thought about friendship? Have you thought about the true meaning of friendship? Who is a true friend? Why is he/she a true friend? What is friendship? Can you see or even touch friendship? Is friendship not just something emotional?

What is Friendship?

True Friends do not care, where you are from or what you are through, it is about mutual affection and understanding.

I know it is not the scientific way, taking the support of Wikipedia, but honestly? This is not about science. It is just about my thoughts and you developing yours. So it should be ok to get some impression from Wikipedia as well. According to Wikipedia, friendship is the name of some cities in the US. So obviously it is even part of a map. But as you know, this is not the friendship I am talking about. Looking further, friendship is defined as “a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.(…) Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. (…) people with close friendships are happier” (see also: Friendship on Wikipedia, last access 03.09.2016).

Friendship can have many forms

Friendship can have many forms. It can be based on same interests, affection to each other, trust based on joint experience… Keep true friends around!

Yes, I agree, being with close friends, talking to them makes me happy. Friends are people close to me, people who understand me, people I feel connected to, but why do I feel connected to them? Investigating on Wikipedia again, I found something about the forms of friendship: “Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of friendship. Such characteristics include affection, sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, mutual understanding and compassion, enjoyment of each other’s company, trust, and the ability to be oneself, express one’s feelings, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend” (see also: Friendship on Wikipedia, last access 03.09.2016).

The basis or seed of friendship can be completely different with one person, compared to the seed with someone else. There is not even a guarantee that your friends can be friends with each other. The chance is high that they are also friends with each other (due to shared interest etc.), but there are still examples that show differently. This is about some extreme examples of friendships.

Friendship has something Magical

Friendship can be Magical: Also after years without contact, True Friends keep a bond with each other.

I want to start with a friend I met in high school. We were best friends, understanding each other blind. After the A level, we decided to go different ways. He was studying in the Netherlands and in Spain. I did an Trainee and studied in Berlin, later also in Stuttgart, Hanau, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Santos and Guaratingueta. Anyways, the point is, we did not see each other for years, maybe two times in six years and always only for short time, like some hours. However, the best in our friendship is: We always feel connected. Some day he called me one day and asked me to be his best man. Although hundreds of kilometers divide us, although we have very different life and hobbies now, we are still that connected, every time we see us. Friendship has something magical.

Friendship is like an Invisible and Mystical Connection sometimes

Friends can have a Mystical, Supernatural Connection sometimes. They can be connected in their Soul and Mind.

Like also during the last years, I met an impressing young woman, grown up in Venezuela. She left her home alone to Germany to take chances. Her safety net: Her father owns an apartment in Germany. Atypically for South America: She is practicing Buddhism. We were a couple for some months. We enjoyed life, practiced Buddhism together, spent a lot of awesome time together. Although we learned to love each other, she suddenly broke up, as she saw, I stopped being myself, just to be closer to her and she saw me being less happy. In that moment a little world broke together. Some weeks later I was good again. We talked again. She told me why she broke up and I saw it. From that point, we started being friends. We did things together again, like a magical friendship.

Later, after I moved back to Berlin, we were still in contact. Sometimes there were moments where I felt her connection. Moments I worried a lot, moments I was sad, moments I was scared and unexpectedly: She called me. We did not talk for weeks or months. She did not know in which challenge I was, but she called me in exactly the hardest moments. All she asked was “hey, what is up? What had happened?”, as she felt, something was wrong, and it was. We talked, I told her everything and she gave me strength. If anyone asks me about my most important friends: She is one of them. Supernatural friendship is when she knows how you feel, even if she is on the other side of the world.

Friends also Share Emotion and Best Practices

Friends support each other. They share Emotions and Experience. True friends can count on each other, any time.

Another friend of me moved to Berlin from New York. He is singer and he decided to go to start his career in Europe. His decision was Berlin, as his boyfriend lives here. Some months after we met, we were already close friends. We just felt connected, sympathy on each side. Then in some point, he called me, asked me to come over and of course, I came. His boyfriend broke up with him. I was there in each moment he needed me, even middle in the night. My situation was close, but far not that extreme. We supported each other, gave us strength and hope. We learned from each others’ best practices how to deal with these situations. This brought us incredibly close together. I love my friends, so I love him. Together we are like a rock in the surf.

Whenever, wherever, we are always one!

With some friends it feels like, you always experience Adventures. They bring the spice into your life.

Being in Tel Aviv in April 2013, I visited an ex affair. I met there also her two closest friends at that time, Guy and Anna. The four of us were out some times. We saw us maybe once or twice, but we kept contact. As the affair later asked me to break up contact to Anna, I did so for her, without any true reason, but I was still in contact to Guy. Later in August I traveled there again, without seeing Anna, unfortunately, but I saw Guy sometimes, difficult times, as you can read in my TLV story.

Again later in September, they were in Berlin, Guy and Anna visited me. We were reconnected, immediately and spent each night together. Those times were awesome, in Berlin and even in Amsterdam and whenever I am back in TLV. We talk on Skype sometimes. Whenever, wherever, however we are together, we are one. I never felt that strong connection to anyone. The welcoming mentality of Israeli, opening their arms for me, taking me as one of them and so do I. I do not like walls, except they save you against cruel. Every time I am with them, I feel re-energized. I have a lot of energy, going out a lot, pushing forward many things at once, but with them, it is even more, also thousands of miles apart. With those friends you can always experience Adventures. Life can be incredibly Adventurous and full of Spices.

Friendship is about sharing happiness

Friends can infect you with their mood. Look for happy friends to make your life even happier.

Another friend I met in a bar in Berlin. I talked to her. She was an amazing person, always happy, surrounded by an impressing energy. We meet sometimes. Later we went together learning Salsa and Tango. She is sharing her never-ending happiness with me. She is even infecting me with a good mood. I can talk to her about everything. Maybe this is how people in Lithuania are used to live.

Friendship is about understanding and bonding

Friendship is about supporting each other, to strengthen Strengths and weaken Weaknesses.

A Polish born friend and now definitively one of my best friends shows me the basic meaning of friendship. We can talk about everything and see mistakes the other one might be doing and warn him about it. Direct honesty and support are the basis of our friendship. We know each other like the own pocket, know about strengths and weaknesses, dreams and potentials of the other one. We understand the other immediately. And as long as we see, anything makes the other one happy, we support it, but as we see changes in mood, we try to wake the other one up. Even if we do mistakes, it is fine between us. We forgive each other. Friendship is stronger. We show each other risks, fears and mistakes to have a better life.

Friendship can boost your life

Friends can Boost your life to New Levels. You can share more than just Friendship and even life with each other.

People from different countries usually have different mentality, experience and impression of things. This is clear and there are some scientific researches on this topic as well. But I met a person and the whole situation really got me wondering and impressed me.

I met an incredible woman. We finished each others’ sentences right from the beginning. It was like, as if we knew each other for a long time, maybe many life already. We have a very comparable understanding of life. Of course, we have a different opinion in some topics, as she grew up in Colombia and I in Germany, but we had an incredible bonding right from day one. We know about each others thoughts, fell in love and got married. She even gave up her business and apartment in Colombia and moved to Berlin for me, for us. Also in tough times, she is always by my side when I got cancer diagnosed. Now, fighting this disease, she supports me even more. She is like an angel, sent to keep me safe and to pimp up my life. We keep each other up and motivated. Now we even start this project, Coachiendo, together. With Coachiendo we want to help people, motivate them, we want to be a friend, your friend in any situation, any time.

This Friendship is to be there for each other, to care for each other in good and in bad times. We are more than just Great Friends, we are even Soulmates.

Friends learn from each other

Friends can Challenge each other, Motivate each other to Do Things Differently and Explore New Possibilities.

The last extreme example of friendship is someone with about the same characteristics I have. I am sometimes very rough to my best friends. It is more like, what brothers do when they are young, just fighting a bit against each other, just for fun. Although our behavior is very close to each other, we totally different strengths and weaknesses. I think, due to the general equality, we can easily teach each other in parts one of us is better. This friend makes me seeing new possibilities. Although he does not know, he teaches me, crossing borders, being even more spontaneous. We are developing each other further.

All in one: The world should be your friend

It does not matter where someone is from, which Religion or Gender he/she belongs or whom he/she loves. The Personality should be the basis for Friendship.

I am sure, there are also many other examples of great friendship. One thing that is clear for me: Friendship is something great. It creates support and peace. It helps you to develop your potentials. Friends support you in good and in bad times. Important: Be a friend like you want others to be a friend. Do not expect someone to do anything you would not do for him. Be thankful, appreciate your friends, every day. Each friendship is different and offers you something special.

Be open to the world. Leave racism, antisemitism etc. beside. You do bad to many good people this way. Be open to the world and do not prejudice. Anyone from anywhere can be your friend. Give it a chance and do not be a fake friend.

Do yourself a favor: Be open to the world, so the world is open to you. Treat the person next to you initially like a friend and no enemy. This is how you really get to know that person, know about who he/she is and you possibly find a strong support in your life. Be a friend to the world, so the world can be a friend to you.



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