Mahasati Meditation is focusing on conscious moving of your Body and your Mind. Practicing this Meditation will bring you a higher Self-Awareness (Sati), therefore increase your Attention (Samadhi) and give you new Insights (Panna).

As you may already have understood from the introduction sentence: Mahasati Meditation is using your Movements for the Meditation. It creates Awareness, Concentration and Insights with the self. It is important to always know that you are moving and what you are moving. You might loose your focus in between, get it back.

Do not worry, if the Meditation does not work out for you immediately. The success is depending on three factors: (1) How experienced are you with Meditation? (2) Do you meditate regularly? (3) To which type of Meditation are your Mind and Body reacting the best? So, meditate regularly, different types of Meditation to find the best for you.

Move on to Meditate

Important Preparation and Notices

Generally you may practice Mahasati in any position. In the beginning it is recommended to practice it in one of the sitting positions.

For practicing, look for a place where you feel comfortable, where nothing interrupts you. A place where you do not feel ashamed for trying new things. Switch of your phone or at least mute it.

During Meditation, keep continuously moving, do not stop. Do one movement at a time. Always be fully aware of each movement. Do not take an artificial posture. Stay natural. Do not concentrate or desire on the outcome. Stay comfortable. Your eyes stay open at all time. Of course, winking is fine to keep your eyes wet.

In the following paragraph, I will explain the traditional movements that you should follow in the beginning. You develop with the practice. Pay all your attention, all the focus to each single movement. In contrast to other Meditations, do not repeat each step of movement on your mind. Simply be aware of each moving part of your body.

Important Preparation and Notices

The following traditional Buddhist Mahasati movements should be practiced, sitting. Execute each movement slowly, fully aware of it, and without a break.

The next steps

You may repeat this Meditation several times. Do not stop in between, always finish a cycle, slowly and fully aware.

When you feel good with Mahasati Meditation, feel free to apply it in your every day world. Be aware of each step you take, each movement you make. Analyzing your movements will give you information about you. A professional, like a Physio Therapist can also give you advise on which movements you should improve. You may stop e.g. pain in your back, moving correctly and being aware of it.

When you are well practiced, you will even understand the body language of other people better.

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As already mentioned earlier: the success comes from practicing regularly. If you do not see a success coming with his type of Meditation after some weeks, feel free to also try other Meditations, any time. In case you are interested in learning more about Mahasati, feel free to directly contact a center of Buddhism.

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