How to get the best Environment for Talents

Maslow as Driver of Talents

Some time ago I read an Article about the economic progress of United Arab Emirates in the last years. It says that the UAE are getting more and more popular for talents. The economy is booming and as it seems, this is happening independently from the huge resources in oil in that area. What is these mentioned talents driving to consider, working in the UAE? What is the best Environment for Talents?

The Target is to fulfill the Needs. Each Talent has them.

I want to take a step further back: How should generally an economy be designed to catching the interest of Talents and Innovations? Is there a basic framework that could make an area interesting for talents? What would convince me to change the place for career reasons?

The most logical and most known first approach to this is the Pyramid of Needs from Maslow. This defines type and order of needs and their satisfaction in a simple way:

1) Basic Needs: At first each Human Being / Talent aims in fulfilling basic needs like Food, Drinks and Cloths. These needs keep him alive.
2) Safety Needs: Than the Talent is looking for securing his safety. He is building a Home where he feels safe.
3) Social Needs: It is time for satisfying Social needs, as soon as the Basic Needs and the Safety Needs are achieved. The Talent is looking for Social Connections.
4) Personal Achievements: Finally when everything else is given, than the Talent is also working on Personal Achievements, such as buying a boat.

This approach is a standard in the literature and yes, it makes sense to follow this way. Is it really that simple? Or might the poverty of the UAE region possibly talk to the Personal Achievement Needs of the Talents directly and Basic and Safety Needs are already in advance expected as given?

Updated Voices that drive Talents

Additionally to what Maslow defined several years ago, I also found an Article from Pamela Rutledge, which was published in Psychology Today in November 2011 (Title: “Social Networks: What Maslow Misses”). Pamela points out that every days life is more than just a pyramid of needs ordered by hierarchy.

Everyone has a different and changing order and availability of Needs. Get the best fit for you.

Life is more complicated. You do not always need to have food before you want safety needs. When you are not hungry, you might prefer to get a personal achievement before eating something. Success by taking risks might be temporally preferred to safety in some situations. The community you are living in might bring safety. How someones evaluates the achievement of needs is more depending on the personality and the situation. It is less a hierarchy then a mixed up painting. There is no hierarchy or even row where needs are waiting. Furthermore, there is also a basic need of connection (Networking). Needs (like food, clothes, drink, safety, love and personal achievement) can only be reached when a person has connections.

This mixes up the well-known and often promoted hierarchy. What does this now mean for an area attracting talents?

Finally catching the Talents

The achievement of the target area is economic success. I am talking about an economic success caused by talents joining an area. What does these talents now finally convince to move to a new area (not considering weather or landscapes)?

Leaders for Talents

Talents need a good Leadership. Talents are good in what they do, but they need someone leading them. Leading is more than just deciding. It also includes Giving Structures, Showing up Ways and Giving Feedback (positive and negative). Furthermore, it includes a Clear Communication as well as an Understanding of the Talents Needs. However, is leadership a reason talents go abroad? In some points, it might be and leadership is important to make talents successful, but in general, there has to be something else (as well).

Safety and Community to be Tolerant

Leading Talents in a Tolerant Environment gets the best out of them.

Safety and Community Needs may have a high level of achievement by a high degree of Tolerance in that area. Tolerance would mean to tolerate each other. It means being free of Stereotypes. Religions should support the need of tolerance, to accept everyone, instead of hurting or even killing anyone who believes in anything different. The Religion lived by some people in the Middle Eastern Area, including UAE, makes me doubt that Safety and Community Needs can fully convince Talents to move to that region. Cities like Dubai might be exceptions within the environment. I think, tolerance is important to make talents feeling welcome to completely develop their talents and to bring success to an area. Talents might still join an Area (as they see these needs as less important for themselves), but I doubt that they will ever fully develop their potentials.

The Capitals Media controls the Opinion

Might a great Leadership and Tolerance be reason enough for regions like Dubai to be successful? From my perspective the human spirit of economic success is leading many talents to move abroad. An area blessed in the media for a lot of economic success might raise thoughts in some talents head. They might move with the faith in personal economic success in that area. As described by Pamela Rutledge, the way of Need Satisfaction is unique and different for every person. So might targeted reports in the Media influence the opinion of a region and convince Talents to join it, financed by the high volume of natural Resources that bring money into the region.

Politics as borders of some Needs

Also the political environment is a very important influence for a region. Let us look at Venezuela: Venezuela has many oil resources as well. Instead of working on economic success, Venezuela tries to make the dream of a completely socialistic system come true. The possibilities of Personal Achievements are minimized, but also basic goods like food are actually missing in that country. There are not many talents moving to Venezuela today, they even try to leave.

The Building of Talent Catching

Politics and Capital carry the Leadership to hold up the Talents for the best Results.

I think that talent, leadership, tolerance and capital inside an economy friendly political system are the basis of successfully getting talents. UAE would not have risen to its status without oil. There were no capital to pay the talents, no capital to create opportunities for talents, no capital to create a talent-supporting environment. Talents would also leave a region, if this does not accept human rights and tolerance. Targeted and good leadership gets the best out of talents, but also Leadership also needs talent. Bad Leadership wastes talents. Each talent needs a different kind of Leadership (Human rights should not depend on gender or religion. Every human being should get the same rights and chances any time, as long as they accept the right of every person to live.).

In other words:
Let us compare the conditions for the Environment for Talents with building a simple house. The political system would be the ground. As Foundation of the Building we have the capital. Material and dimensions of the foundation are directly depending on the ground, but also on the Walls and roof it has to carry. Tolerance and Leadership are the walls, holding the talents up as the roof.



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