How to keep Your Work-Life Balance even (The Samba Way).

Nowadays many people seem overworked, tired of work and/or frustrated from work. I know some people. I always give them the advise: If you like your job in general, coordinate to reach a great work-life Balance, if not, look for change, but do not just complain. Here is what I learned about the Samba of Entrepreneurship and the connection also to your work life balance.

Things to know about Samba

Samba is a dance style, developed by African slaves shipped to Brazil in the 19th century. The basic characteristic of the moves is to turn the hips to the front and the back, while dancing in cycles.

Today Samba is seen as a spirited dance. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro is famous for it, just like Brazil in general.

Which things in life, can we compare the dance of Samba to?

Work hard to reach your goals

Working in a fascinating and interesting, fast growing environment of a start-up incubator meant in my former job, having tons of different topics each day. It was never getting boring. There were many interesting and challenging tasks to do to support projects growing globally very fast.

The bigger the target, the harder the work, do not forget your other needs.

For this, the company is known: Taking a successful business model, looking which markets are interesting to enter, going there and fight to be Number 1 as soon as possible, otherwise, the market will be left again. The second place does not win.

Now, leading Financial and Legal Processes and Topics of an Investment of this incubator with companies in temporarily nine different Countries brings the complexity to the next level.

Those who want to reach things, change things and make things better, have to cover many topics and work hard. You do not often get gifts in life and it even feels better if you earned it yourself.

Dancing the cycle of life

Living feels much more fulfilled, if you balance your passions with your duties.

For people with comparable positions as mine is the route is clear. If you adapt this to your situation, it might also fit into your scheme or work:
Many different and partly head-scratching challenges are on our desks each single day. We are solution managers. Once a hurdle seems to grow, we will find a way to jump over it. You need to be creative and share the knowledge inside the team. But still: Everyone in the team needs to find the solution in a minimum of time. We give advises, influencing business hardly, even in different countries, while taking care of due diligence as well as compliance topics. There is often less time for actually acting, instead we are forced to react, and we do it, but we do it save. The entrepreneurial Spirit keeps us going and motivated.

As I am working hard, I also live even harder and do things, others do not do. This is important for balancing, like Yin and Yang, moving hips back and forward. You need to keep the different sides of life even. Life and living feels much more fulfilled happy this way, I am keeping my mind open for chances – each second. It is for being innovative, to be able to dance the cycle of life with the rhythm of Samba music.

Dancing to the Rhythm of Entrepreneurship

In some moments, I am reveling in remembrance. Thinking about times, I was not supporting entrepreneurs / the Managing Director as first contact, but being one. I was handling topics from Website Programming over Video Editing, Picture Editing and Online Marketing to covering Financial and Legal issues as well as actually developing the business.

Jumping into the cold sea can wake up your true passions, try it out.

Sleepless nights, being nervous about important meetings or technical challenges to master the next day, living adventure. These times I was less experienced, learning everything on the job. I know what we could have done better and I will.

Everything was done without receiving a big investments, neither were we from rich family. A big Funding as we see today were not so common back in 2007, so we were not even looking for it. Everything was self-financed. The financing was managed with two cooperation partners and revenues from customer orders. We jumped into the cold water hoping, we have enough passion, power and encouragement to swim inside the icy sea. I miss these times. I miss dancing to the rhythm of entrepreneurship.

Find the right way to balance your life!

Later when we were dissolving the company, I started working in a huge concern. Work was like working in a tower of a huge airport, measuring the success of strategic programs or supervising the airspace, managing planes. Beside this, I was studying International Management at the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship. Business Plans, Leading Skills, Intercultural Competences and much more was optimizing my dancing techniques for the Samba de Entrepreneurship.

Dance the circle of life with passionate figures to keep the fire burning.

For me, life is not only dancing el Samba de Entrepreneur, but el Samba de la Vida, the Samba of Life, especially as I am not a real entrepreneur anymore. I need some Yin beside the Yang. This makes life special to me and keeps your work-life balance more healthy.

What e.g. about balancing life by taking chances once you see them. Chances that open doors you never imagined? Here some things I did for your inspiration:
– Participating, appearing in and supporting a Video shoot with a singer friend.
– Taking the chance of doing some crazy fashion photo shoots in unexpected cloths and Public Places.
– Appearing in a TV casting show as one of the central persons.
– Travelling alone into another country, completely open to everyone and everything, taking chances once you see.
– Going Parcours style to the target in the middle of the night, climbing walls up and down, finding solutions in an impasse or with very high walls, never leaving the target out of focus.
– Taking acting lessons or even actively participating in a play.
– Starting a blog about topics you are passionate for.

Take your life into your hands, you only have one of it, so take your Chance!

I think, you should follow your dreams, doing things in your free time you were always interested in. No time for excuses. At least you should try or you never know. Take life into your hands and form it to what makes you happy, to what you need to keep it balanced.

The hard work of the beginning brings the success tomorrow, do not burn out on the way.

All these things make my life special. Things change a lot. My life is usually not just a static plan. I am spontaneous, doing things that seem to be the best for me in the moment with the experience from the past. Living life is like dancing Samba. Not only the typical steps, you should also do figures, to enjoy the dance. Be brave and go your way, in life as in entrepreneurship. The slavery at the beginning of the entrepreneurship could make the Samba even more fascinating for you and your environment. Find your best Work-Life Balance.



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