How to light the Fire of Innovation in your life.

Do you know the feeling when something is coming up to your mind? An idea, a seed, growing with thinking about it. What would you do with it? This post will show you a way of how to light the Fire of Innovation in your life.

Imagine, someone is coming into your office. You start to talk about this and that. Then he starts telling you about a dream, an idea he has, that started growing in his head and you see: There is potential. You know, you can support, making it successful. What would you do? Would you leave the comfort zone and go for the idea?

I think, people are generally very different. Some are closing themselves to new ideas. They see their life and love how they live. Each culture is different. In Germany, e.g. a person might think like this: Each of his/her processes are set up in a clearly defined (repeating) process, he/she has regular social contacts, he/she is following the plan. This person feels save and likes it that way and feels happy. What I feel in contrast is different.

Let me show you a way how the fire of innovation can light up your life.

1) Meeting new people can bring new Markets to you!

People develop with each step they take, with each person they meet, with each discussion they have, with each breath they take. Let me tell you the story of Marc, Steven, Philip and Martin, the story of how it could be with me.

Meeting new people brings opportunities. Care your Network.

Marc is working in a huge concern in the Strategic Development department. He is managing strategic programs with the main responsibility to save costs. The Projects he manages are huge. In the past, he was also programming websites and is technically experienced, interested and up to date.

Steven and Philip are two artists, both are painters. They came straight from Sidney to Berlin, as they see a big chance to enter new markets from Berlin to Europe. Both met in Berlin, not before. Working on some projects together, Steven and Philip met.

One day, Marc and Steven met in Bar in Berlin. They directly felt the sympathy for each other and became friends in good and in bad times. Whenever Steven had a gig going on, Marc was there. Steven started performing on the street. He was starting a new, creative and innovative painting style, getting incredible pictures done with a really new and different method, why I call it performing. Painting on the street, Steven always collected a crowd around him. Some months after Marc and Steven met first, Steven had his first exhibition in a small Berlin like Art Gallery (of course, Marc was also there). This night Marc also met Philip and both became friends. Marc was supporting both – Steven and Philip) – from that point. Both were dreaming about exhibitions, in Berlin, Germany or even the European Union.

You can suddenly get insights into a completely new and different Market. All you needed to do is to care for your network.

2) Business ideas can come up any time!

Inspiration comes any time, any place, be ready.

In some point Marc decided to go to vacation to Barcelona. Marc loves Barcelona. He was there sometimes and met awesome people, even made friends. Talking to Philip and Steven about it, they were happy with Marc, because they see how happy this makes him, even if Marc does not talk about other things anymore (what is a bit annoying). One day before Marc left, Steven asked Marc if he could try to organize some exhibition over there. Marc agreed.

Visiting and spending time with his friends, is what Marc primary wants to do. This is why he was travelling alone. He meets the friends and of course: He is always open to new people. Beside vacation, Marc also started to get into the scene of painting and art galleries in Barcelona. The difficulty to organize anything in Barcelona without existing network/contacts in that scene is clearly to see. Being locally available alone does not help that much. How should Steven do it even from Berlin? This was the point where an idea was born. Can you imagine?

The seed was in the earth, ready to grow. What if there was a website, where art galleries and Artists can meet to organize cooperation? Marc thought about it here and then. He thinks about how to do it beside work, first steps to take etc. The excitement of starting his own project is growing again. He feels the wick starting to be on fire.

Be prepared to meet new ideas, any time. Be open to them. They do not call before and ask whether you are available. See opportunities instead of threats, see Chances instead of Risks. This can boost your career and your life.

3) In a team you can complete each other and create a leverage

After Marc came back from Barcelona, he went to work, always with the idea on his mind. Some day he meets Martin in the office. Martin is an intern of the sales department in the same company. He is studying beside and very good in networking. He finds connection to others easily.

In a team you complete each other, just like the parts of an Engine.

The way Martin tried to work closer to Marc made him very skeptical. Marc hears Martin talking about this and that, mostly not even interesting for Marc, but Martin is feeling some potential and he even tries hard to get into contact to Marc, until the wall is demolished.

Both actually start communicating to each other in a completely new level. They go out a lot, becoming friends. Some day Martin – being on a birthday party of old friends – wrote Marc a SMS: “Crazy Party here, a lot of influencing people, even investors looking for a project. If I even had an idea.” Marc saw a chance for speeding up, realizing his idea. They start talking about the idea – creating an online meeting point for gallery owners, exhibition planners and artists. The target is to organize exhibitions.

The potential of the idea was also directly convincing for Martin. Both, Marc and Martin, decided to work on it in a team. They are working even harder each day, getting more and more motivated. The flame of Marc also infected Martin. They met investors and worked on a prototype, looked for offices and incorporated a company. Together they planned the global roll-out, planned costs and revenues. In a team – that trusts each other – it was more easy. IN a team they talked to more investors, until they finally meet the Investor, that finally invests.

If you meet the right people, with your inner fire, people with different strengths, people who you are good with, than this connection can create synergies and a great leverage effect.

4) The fire of Innovation can change your life!

The fire of innovation can boost your energy to new levels.

An innovation can set your life on fire, steel sleep from you, motivate you, even to work 20 hours a day, not because you have to, but because you cannot stop working on it, and it feels awesome, also if not very healthy. The best is to find someone else that can also be on fire for the idea, someone trustful, someone with different strengths compared to you. You cannot care for everything, but you can motivate others, showing them just a bit about what is behind the wall and see the reaction, see if the wick can be on fire. Your fire might set the wick of the person next to you on fire as well.

When you look for change in your life, look, what sets your life on fire. Fire lights up your environment and makes visible what is around you. This fire lights the potential of an idea, the idea becoming innovation, the innovation becoming part of every ones’ life. The Fire of Innovation, burns down the walls and makes ideas becoming real. Your fire can also wake up your business partners’ fire. In a team it is easier to realize the idea, the innovation. Fire can open new people and new markets.

You should know, what sets your life on fire and keep it inside. You will develop yourself to live more fulfilled. Your life might have drastic changes and you have no guarantee if it works out, but setting your life on fire makes living more interesting, more risky, new chances available, but you never know what comes the next day. I think, you can be proud of the changes.

Many people are fire workers each day, telling themselves down, not to leave the comfort zone, but different to me: I will not sit down some day and think about the stories I could have told. I will know: at least I tried. I will have stories to tell.

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