Find Your Balance in Life

The Magic recipe for deep Happiness:   Find the Balance in your life.

Imagine you are driving with a small motorboat across the South East Asian Sea, an area with many small islands. Beautiful, colorful corals and stony grounds close to the surface are the nature that you are passing. You enjoy your ride, far away from other Human Beings, far away from the city, far away from work. The silence of just hearing the waves is exactly what you needed. It makes you feel relaxed and calm. Now you know what you missed during the last months and you are wondering, whether you can have this forever.

Everyone has different needs and expectations. It is up to you to find what makes you balanced. This may be times in the forest, the vacation on the sea, dancing in a club, cooking, meditating, acting on the stage or anything else. It is just important for you to be balanced, not to live only for the things you “have to do”. When you are well-balanced you are usually more happy and succeed better in what you do.

Setbacks can hit you any time

Sometimes Life hits you hard and you fall.   Stand up and keep fighting for your goals. This is the basis for success.

Back on the sea you take a better look at the boat you are driving with. It is actually a wooden boat with a small engine in the back. You keep on driving and look forward to maybe just stop on an island where you would be alone and take a nap. After looking around you target an island and steer towards it. Suddenly you hear some noise and the boat stopped. The sudden stopping pushed you to the front of the boat. Luckily you were not staying, so you are still save in the boat, but are you safe? You look on the ground. Water is entering. you get nervous. You have hit some stones on the ground. You can either try to wait here, staying on the stones or swim t the next island, which is some hundred meters away. The water looks deeper on the way to that island.

You cannot predict everything that happens in life. Sometimes things happen and can drastically change your situation. The world as you knew it looks suddenly completely different. Each balance that you found in your life does not make you relaxed anymore. The next minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years are looking harder than before. These situations cannot be completely prevented, but you can build your environment stronger. You can choose a boat that survives such small hits or drive more carefully through life. Anyways, you should learn to fight through these tough times. You will be stronger afterwards.

You might want to give up

Life might pull you under water sometimes. See this as a Test and Chance to Improve. You can reach big things.

Now you are facing the tough decision. You do not feel completely safe swimming. Waiting here, standing on the stones, but still inside the water might be risky as well. Imagining that sharks or other animals might arrive makes you nervous, even more nervous than swimming through the rough sea to the island. So you decide to swim to the island. You jump into the water and start swimming. The sea is deeper on the way to the island. The waves are getting bigger as well. They are sometimes that big that you cannot sea the island anymore after it passed, until the next wave takes you to its top. The pull of the waves makes you feeling that you do not come closer to the island. Doubts come up, you start worrying again and thinking about giving up, but this is not an option. You have to fight now and get through it, but you are running out of power. Panic comes up on your mind. Your heart beats like crazy and then, surprisingly, you wake up.

It is important, not to give up. Setbacks are just tests in life. Whenever such setbacks happen, stand up and move on. Each setback is a chance for you to show your potential and to improve. It is a challenge that you can master, if needed, get support. Make the best of it and believe in the good. See the waves of life as a chance to improve.

Fight for it, make your efforts worth it

Based on Picture by Nick Karvounis, published under CCO License;

Life is like swimming in the sea. Sometimes there are big waves, sometimes the sea is quiet. The Pull of the waves makes you doubt to have progress in life or even pulls you under water. Swimming through life does not always allow to see what comes behind the next wave, but there is always something coming. Don’t stop swimming over the waves, because they will hit you anyways. You cannot always run and hide. Sometimes waves hit you very bad. Sometimes there is an awesome surprise behind. In some point you even reach your target, also if might feel unreachable. The biggest success comes short before you want to give up. Maybe you gave up already and invested all your efforts for nothing. Good things will happen, if you let them happen.

Successful people are not successful, because they are born successful or never fall. Success does not come from alone. People have success, because they fight for their goals and stand up again after falling. They believe in their success and go their way to reach it. Usually they even fail with some projects, but they learn from the past, from their experience and use the learned for the future.

So go for it. Accept the challenge of swimming through Life. I love swimming, I love the sea. Do you? Are you ready for your next challenge in life?



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