Let us start this exercise with a question: Remember back to the last moment where you felt relaxed. Were you happy or sad? Were you more satisfied or even not?

I for myself was happy and satisfied. In contrast, when I am worrying about things or am simply unhappy, is it harder for me to relax. Being in a good and positive mood i boosting my ability to relax and calm down. As a result, does this even make me more happy.

What if there is a ignition for you to feel happier? You mood is steered by hormones in your body, hormones that your body sets free as a result of what your senses experience. Feel free to also try this Recommended Program, focusing on relaxation by senses: How to survive office.

This exercise is about igniting your good mood with a simple trick.

Get ready to smile

For this exercise you can be standing, sitting, laying or even walking. The only thing you should care about, especially in the beginning: Be a place where you feel comfortable and not embarrassed.

When you feel save, simply start smiling. Smile as much as you can, even if it is artificial. The higher you pull the corners of your mouth, the corners of your mouth, the stronger will be the effect. try this for at least sixty seconds and repeat it as much as you want. You will feel more happy. This feeling of happiness will increase your relaxation.

Background Information:
With pulling the corners of your mouth into the direction of your eyes, is a muscle between cheek and eye pressing on a nerve, which as a results sets free hormones. These hormones conquer your brain and the rest of your body and make you feel happy. Stress will be relieved.

Infecting your environment multiplies the effect

Depending on where you are living, are the people on the street already more or less smiling. In Berlin they are not, or maybe rarely. If you are smiling might they even look at you confused. This is rather the exception

When you practice this happy exercise, will you quickly recognize: People mostly smile back. Observe this on your own: How do you react when you see someone sad? How do you feel, when you see someone happy?

Yes, it is true, you can make your environment more happy, simply by smiling more. It might start with an artificial and forced smile, but it will become more natural smile with the time. This smile is often infecting the people around you, which are then more happy and more smiling. So do you become more happy and smile. This feels good.

A smile decreases stress

The degree of how much happiness is being transferred to someone is depending on the level of empathy the person is able to feel. Feel free to also try the other Best Friend exercises on Coachiendo.

The happier your environment is and the more you do this exercise, the better will be the result.

Trust me, it feels great to be relaxed by smiling! Once you tried it, you will possibly never want to let it go again. So remind yourself to smile more. It’s worth it.




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