Important: Why you be brave enough to do Changes now

Changes can make you feel excited

Do you know the feeling, when you just got a new photo camera? How excited you are to try the new awesome features?

When was the last time you booked vacation? How did it feel the closer your time-off came?

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Do you remember the last time you started dating an awesome person? When everything you can think of is getting to know that wonderful new partner?

And imagine, you applied for interesting positions for some time and suddenly you have the great chance to start a new job. This Job-Opportunity is actually exactly what you were looking for.

Remember the feeling you had in each situation during the first days, weeks or even months. Keep this feeling on your mind and think about this:

What do these situations have in common? Of course, depending on your personality, you are living each situation differently, but there is still something that all cases share (beside the great feeling of anticipation on your mind and the energy behind). I see in the situations from the beginning: New Opportunities, Chances, Innovation and Change. Of course, the glass is half full of possibilities to enrich your life. The other half is filled by Opportunities you do not yet see. The glass is not half empty, nor half full, technically seen is the glass even completely full.

Developing the Pioneer of your Life

There is no Good and Bad Experience, see it as a Win-Win-Situation: Either you win now or with the Experience next Time.

Changes or new ways can open even better routines. They can keep your life exciting. Of course, you have securities, following known routines. Of course, you can have proven success models that you do for your whole life. But also imagine, before you followed this routine, why did you invent your current routine? What was the reason behind?

Remember the feeling from the beginning, when you got our new job. Connect it to the chances of change. Also if a new way might be worse than the old way, at least you have proven it. This experience will help you in the future. Trying new ways causes the feeling to be the pioneer of your life.

No Change, no Progress

Changes break routines for giving Progress an Opportunity. Do not miss your Chance for a better Future. Be Brave, Be Change.

New innovation comes through change. Can you imagine what the introduction of the assembly line work had changed in the development of our industries? Did you imagine to sit with a notebook and internet connection in a park 20 years ago? Did you imagine to have an app to book online appointments for your favorite hairdresser in São Paulo (as you can do with Vaniday) five years ago? Can you imagine to make vacation on the moon in maybe 20 years from now?

I think that change has the amazing power to motivate you and to create new, incredible chances and innovations. Even if the innovation only increases the efficiency of your daily life or work processes. How is the difference in how you work, if you either work in routine, day by day, or try to change and optimize the processes you do every now and then? What is the difference in how you feel at work? Does it influence your results? Imagine what you could do with the time you won by the Optimization.

Changes are often seen as something bad that breaks the routine or something that interrupts standard processes. I see changes more as Opportunities to enhance processes under the Perspective of Efficiency (benefit in time), Effectiveness (benefit in input Material), Output Quality or Future Learning. You can adopt this to everything you do in your life. It is up to you to take that chance as long as you have it. If you do not take it, someone else might or it might be simply too late. Be brave, be a Pioneer!

Try to change at least a little thing each day. Feel the power of change. How does it feel? Great, right? Be brave enough to enhance your life.



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