Important: How to Stop Wasting your Priceless Time and take Control.

Time and Health are the two most important, even priceless goods. Nevertheless, many people are just tending to waste both of it. This article is about wasting time and how to stop wasting it. You can do better with your time. Start today!

Remember: Time is Priceless

Each second you wasted is a second lost. You will never get it back. So stop wasting your time and Start Living Your Passions.

Until some weeks ago we were sharing our office in a building that was a hotel before. On the floor, in the whole building, everywhere were different companies. The office build a circle. In the middle of it we have the atrium, a small patio in the middle of the building. All floors, from the ground to the roof just one room. The roof of this room is of glass. There are palms, tables and seats in the middle. All offices have a window to this atrium. This room, the atrium develops an echo.

Some Friday afternoon in December we had the windows open. It was around 4 pm and slowly getting dark. Suddenly we heard people singing “Jingle Bells”. And I thought “Seriously?”, “Already?” I took a look at the calendar and realized: It is Christmas soon, again. That day it even started snowing here in Berlin. Time is running.

We are living in a world where the time seems to be running. You cannot stop it and you never get it back. Once a second ran through your fingers, it is gone. Time is priceless. You cannot by it for any money in the world. Use your time wisely. The entertainment industry is permanently working on new movies, new games, new technology, things to enrich our every days’ life, to bring fun into our life or maybe to destruct our sense of time?

Do you follow your Passion?

If you follow Your Passion, You Do what You Love and You Develop your True Potentials. Live Life Happy!

I had times where I was playing a lot of online games or also old school style offline games. In other times I watched a lot of movies or read tons of books. Days were flying by. My productivity in private life decreased a lot and my connection to the outside world got minimized to a minimum. Actually, I think many people are living in this right moment like this.

This is dangerous from my perspective. People do not get the most out of their life. This causes so many undeveloped talents, unlived dreams and unfulfilled lives. People are lost in these time-consuming traps and do not write the book they wanted to write, start the company they wanted to start or travel to the country they would love to visit. People find their lives in watching movies or playing games. Are they living their passion? Are you living your passion? Or are you just wasting too much time?

Find the right Balance to start Living Your Passions

Life is more than just working. Find the Balance in Your Life and Happiness will follow.

Before my cancer was diagnosed, I was mostly focusing on work. I developed my career. Long hours and hard work, discussions with Managers all over the world and Financial and Legal challenges were and will be my tasks. I built a reputation and achieved something that actually leads somewhere. I achieve the basis for allowing me to follow my passion.

Now that I am recovering and am not able to do many things outside, I developed Coachiendo together with my wife. This gives me the opportunity to follow my passion. Now more, when I go back to work beside work. This is something that keeps me up and motivated every single day.

Generally, in private life I had to find a way to keep the Balance. I did not only want to work, but neither watching Movies or playing Video Games as I did in the past. I fought my old habits and am fighting them whenever I tend to fall back. There are times where I waste more time, times where I live my passion and follow my dreams. No one is safe from never wasting time. Just work on minimizing it. My wife is of great support for that. We motivate and inspire each other, every single day. It is important to find the right mix, the balance. When you are not (yet) able to live by following your passions, start to do it step by step. Start now, stop wasting your priceless time and follow your passions. Find the best balance for you.

3 Important Steps to take Control of your time

The following three steps help me every day to overcome my desire to waste time. If you want to be more available, social and stop wasting time, read them carefully and implement them in your life. If it helps me, I am sure, you can also benefit from it.

1) Go out and be around

Go out, live in this world, realize what is outside and you will start valuing your free time a lot more and feel more alive.

One thing that the (from my perspective) “destruction of mind” (or the “loss of the sense of time”) have in common is that you are lost in a different world. You are not really here where you breath. One thing that already is of big support is simply going out. Go out for a walk, be alive, meet people and be aware of the environment and what is around. There is so much to see, so much to explore: The smile of children that warm your hard, the super talented musician following his Passion, singing on the street, simply enjoying the sun, relaxing in the park or match more. Life has a lot of precious moments to offer.

Do not look down on your mobile phone. Leave it where it is. Be in this world. If someone writes you, it is enough to answer later. Take time for yourself. Realize the world around. If it is important: He/she will call you. You will start valuing your free time a lot more and feel better and a lot more alive!

2) Develop your hobbies

Live your Passion and develop your Hobbies, Socialize! Do what you love to live what you want, Happy and Fulfilled, each second counts.

Do things where you are benefiting from. You are alive and can start hobbies. What are you passionate about? Start doing things you love. Possibly leave your comfort Zone. Do things like sports, learn healthy cooking, take classes (e.g. language classes), do anything with an added value instead of even spending money on losing the sense of time. Of course it might be interesting to play online games 24/7, but what is your real benefit?

Life is more than Social Networks or Online Games. Real Social connections even tend to get less. Go out, be real, meet real people. Enhance your life. Being more outside and Active make you happier, fitter and usually also healthier. Also important from my point of view: Do it without drugs. No Cigarettes, no Alcohol and of course no other drugs. They are also bringing making you to waste time, not only while using them, but also during the recovery.

With good hobbies you can feel better, connect socially in real life and be healthier. I know, you can meet online more people in less time, but is this the same quality? Being outside, connecting with people with shared interests is different. You can have hobbies that really improve your life sustainably. You can follow your Passion that makes your life more fulfilled. Develop hobbies to feel better.

3) Control your mind

Change your habits to change your thoughts and mind. Your Environment will follow. Take Control of what is going on in your head.

The biggest challenge will be to control your mind. Emotional control can make you do things that you did not expect.

One day I was emotionally extremely charged. The result: I was running 25 km without a break. I was constantly only running, avoiding to wait for crossing the street. The best is: I was not doing sports for several months before.

Your mind is influenced by the environment, by things people say and do. Your mind tells you what you can do and what not. Maybe you can do more things than you expect. Maybe you can change your habits controlling your mind. Stop smoking, stop drinking, start sports, start being healthy. Easy: Change your habits to change your thoughts and mind. Your Environment will follow.

There is no better day to start than today. What are you waiting for? Get your time back by using it for your benefit. This is the most precious you can have.

Final Thoughts

Go out, take control of your life, follow your Passions, do what you Love. Life is more than just your Mobile Phone, TV or Notebook. Start Living Now.

Nowadays people tend to waste their time. Instead of following their Passions and developing their potential, they watch movies, play online games, surf on Social Media etc., just for passing / wasting time. This has the result that many stories are being untold, many Developments and Innovations are still undeveloped and many lives are less happy and less fulfilled than they could be.

I recommend you to go out, NOW! Take your life and find a balance that really makes you happy. Develop hobbies, meet people in real life. Leave your phone at home or at least offline. Messages can wait for an answer. You will get a call if it is important. Control your mind, change your thoughts and change your habits. Do this instantly and persistently. Visualize your changes and success over the time.

Do not fall back to wasting your time. Invest it wisely. You will not get back your time. Do something where you really benefit from. Develop life to your Life. Live Your Life and start today.



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