QiGong combines physical postures with breathing techniques to achieve specific intentions. It was developed in China and was used as health care system. This technique is still used for purposes of increasing the vitality and enhancing health. The target of these practices is to reach the perfect symphony, which consists of enhancing these three elements: Heal Your Body, Calm Your Mind and Reconnect with your Spirit.

The word “QiGong” is the combination of two separate Chinese words. Of course, in Chinese it is also written differently.

The first word is Qi [chee]. It means as much as breath, power or energy and describes the vital energy that flows through all our bodies, as well as through the whole universe.

Gong [gung] means care, practice or work. It describes the accomplishments that are achieved through steady practice.

Combined does QiGong mean as much as caring for the life energy or cultivating energy, which means, the energy flowing through our bodies with the support of the universe. It is said that this energy , the Qi is flowing in channels through the human body.

The Dantien as Energy Points

These channels where the Qi is flowing through are also called Meridians. The Meridians are also connecting three different centers of energy. They are called Dantien (Singular: Dantian). The exact position of each Dantian can vary from person to person.

The lower Dantian is around three finger widths below the belly button and from there two finger widths inside the body. This is the point where the the Jing (an essence) is being refined into the Qi (vitality).

The middle Dantian is at the place where the heart is. As of Qigong understanding, is this the place where the Qi (vitality) is being refined into Shen (spirit). The Shen is being stored. This Dantian is also supporting the health of internal organs.

The upper Dantian is at the place of the Third Eye, which is on a place of the forehead, approximately between the eyebrows, sometimes a bit higher. In this point is the Shen (spirit) being refined into Wu Wei (emptiness, without action / effort / control).

Wu Wei as of Taoism is necessary to achieve a totally natural state / way of behaving. Like the planets are moving around the sun to keep the purpose. These actions without action, effort or control should be the most targeted way of behavior, instead of acting, making an effort and controlling situations to the good of one person only, This would lead to forget the greater good about it. The highest accomplishment is to live united with nature and only to act, if no harm is done and the Qi is being strengthened.

The Dantien are the basis for living healthy and united with nature and the environment.

Taoism in a short summary

The Taoism is the philosophy of the origin of all life.

The Tao is the origin of all life. From the Tao develops the Qi, which is divided into earth and sky, rest and movement, Yin and Yang. These polar forces are the basis for movement and change in human, all other lifeforms and the universe.

Taoism has the target to connect yourself with the Tao

The Qi is divided into Yin and Yang

The Qi is always, in all processes, consisting of two polarizing Energies or Forces. These forces are called Yin and Yang. These two different Energies are in a dynamic relationship and are the basis of each change and movement within the universe, as well as in each living body, such as humans.

Yin is compared to the dark side of a mountain. Yang is compared to the sunny sight of a mountain. The terms are often used for showing the polarities of different situations of approaches.

The mountain example further even shows that also the shadow side has light and even the sunny side is developing shadow. Aspects are usually not only good or bad, black or white. Humankind needs to understand this to find the best solution.

The target of working with Yin and Yang is to accomplish a balance of both sides. This is further harmonizing the flow of the Qi.

What makes QiGong different?

Seeing QiGong practices from the outside might make people compare with doing gymnastics, but it is more. The basis of exercising QiGong is to connect a physical movement with breathing techniques and the Yi (imagination, attention and will).

To be more exact, is the Yi ruminant concentration on the inside, that means, on specific regions of the body, pictures and/or the flow of the breath and the Qi. This is the only way, the Rujing, the QiGong-Condition can be achieved.

Rujing means as much as stepping into a restful condition. Meant is an internally peaceful and calm state of mind. The better and more stable this status is, the better will be the result of the QiGong Exercises. It is important to stay calm and dynamic, to rest in movement, to move in rest.

Exercises for a balanced lifestyle

When you found the perfect combination of QiGong exercises, will your life be pf greater harmony, stability and happiness. Besides, this also creates a positive outlook of your life and the elimination of harmful attitudes and behavior.

There is a big variety of different practices available. They reach from simple to very complex as well as from internal (in your mind) to external (of your physical body) postures. No matter, whether you are physically disabled or an athlete, QiGong has exercises available for everyone. Not even the age sets borders.

We want to show you hear some basic and simple exercises that you can do independently at home. Please also note that we recommend you to consult an actual QiGong practitioner, especially for the initial learning. A good practitioner can explain you in detail, what you need to care about. He gives you advise, if a posture needs to be corrected.He i the best person too understand, which exercises you can practice.

Please note that Coachiendo will give you some basic exercises. If you feel pain of any kind, do we recommend you to directly consult a physician. Do not do any exercises that might cause you some health damage. Care for your health. We want you to be good.

Here follows an overview about the exercises, recommended for you, our Best Friends:

Enjoy our QiGong or some of the other Coachiendo Best Friend exercises.



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