Please note: For a detailed explanation of QiGong-Terms, as well as to understand the QiGong-Approach, please also check the General Introduction of QiGong..

The relaxing bodies exercise is mainly focus on relaxation and feeling calm. We will let the whole body relax, part by part.

As other exercises, does also this one bring the best results, if you practice it regularly. The more often you exercise, the better should be the results. You might do something wrong, if this is not the case. Open your mind, give yourself completely to get the result you wish. We even recommend you, to also consult a professional QiGong practitioner. This person can understand, whether you do the exercise correctly and can give you the best advice in person.

Nevertheless, you can do this exercise already on your own. It is simple and when you start feeling the results, will you know, that you do it correctly. Keep in mind: QiGong is the combination of Physical Postures, Breathing Techniques, Imagination, Attention and your Will (see also: QiGong – General Introduction).

For successfully doing this exercise, please take the following steps:

Considering these points during the whole exercise will increase the success of it. Only act differently, if requested.

Time to Relax Your body parts

It is time now, to relax your whole body, to get back in balance and proceed afterwards with more power.

For the beginning, focus on your breath. Breath in deeply into your belly. Take your time. Directly breath out again. Take four more deep breaths, before you proceed with the next steps. Feel how your body cools down, already through the focus on your slow and regular breath.

Now release the tension from your body. Start with your forehead. It should be plain now, without crinkles. Tension is not wanted here. Now go down and also relax your eyebrows, eyelids, your eyes. Feel the great power of relaxation. Imagine how all the stress slowly falls of your body, from each part you are relaxing.

The sounds around you hear, body you do not observe them anymore. The focus goes inside, on your body, bit by bit. Lay what you hear simply into your ear. This is not important for you now. Loosen your jaw and tongue as well, no more tension in your mouth. Teeth are not touching each other. Your tongue lays loose in your mouth. Keep a soft smiling on your lips.

Check your sitting position. Are you still sitting up straight? Do you still feel being free of tension in your face? Forehead, eyes, jaw and tongue? Great, so take another deep breath and let us proceed.

Pull up your shoulders and let them fall. Feel your shoulder. Let it loose all tensions. Free your upper arm and arm bed from the tensions you have. Your arms should fully relax. Clench your hands to fists and open them, slacken them, all your arms and hands.

Observe your breath. Are you still breathing deeply, slowly and regularly? Feel, how the air in your body releases the stress. You start feeling more and more light, happy and free.

Let the tensions of your belly go out, leave your body. You do not need to look slim now, but simply feel good and calm. Relax also your booty, thighs and shank. Calm down your whole body. Feel more light and free with every breath you take.

Activate Relaxation

Observe your breath again. Are you sitting in the right position? Are all your body parts calm? Do you feel good? Take some more deep breaths, slowly in and out. That feels good. Now slowly take your attention from inside the body to outside. Do each of the following steps as long as you want to.

Rub your hands for 10 seconds. Feel how your hands get warmer. Now wipe with your warm hands slowly slowly through your face. Imagine how all crinkles in your face disappear. You now also loose the last tensions in your face. Enjoy this feeling of dry washing your face.

Touch with your fingertips your scalp. Softly and slowly massage it from the front to the back. You feel better with each movement you do.

Percuss / knock slowly from your forehead to the base of your scull. Do this very softly and carefully.

Take your ears into your hands. Carefully knead them: Upside, downside, inside and outside. Do your ears something good.

Feel on the back of your neck along the cervical spine, until you find a slightly protruding vertebra. Rub it gently in circles, with your right, as well as your left hand.

Stretch your chin a bit to the front and move it up. The back of your head touches the nape. Move your chin now clockwise in a half circle down to your breast and still clockwise up again. This procedure is called “the crane receives water. Follow this circle for nine times. This supports you to relax your neck and your whole cervical spine.

Now slowly come back into reality again. Start feeling your environment. See the light, smell the air, listen to the symphony of everything around. Feel free now, free of burdens.

With some practice, you might use it in between

This exercise does not require a lot of movement. It simply helps you to relax your whole body. and to let burdens go.

Do this exercise as often as you want to. Especially in the beginning should you e in an environment where you feel good and no one disturbs you.

The more often you practice this exercise, the easier it will be for you. You will soon be able to relax in different situations, maybe short before an important meeting. Nothing makes more impression than a person in balance, where the aura shines positively.

As for each exercise is it important to do it regularly. It is also possible that other exercises might bring you personally more success then this one. Just try more exercises from Coachiendo. Have a great day and respect your body. You are fixed to it, so treat it well.



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