Shiatsu is a Japanese method to gain positive effects over the whole body. It is based on the theories of the traditional Chinese medicine and is working with the techniques of acupuncture. Therefore, several points, all over your body are defined to be influencing your body-parts (not only in your fingers or hands). In your hands are e.g. areas effecting your eyes, your liver, your kidneys and much more.

Before you go and try to find more about these points, do I recommend you for the best results to look for a professional shiatsu practitioner to assist you. Furthermore does Shiatsu develop its full potential by practicing it regularly and not only once or twice.

It is recommended to practice Shiatsu in an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and are able to relax and calm down. Your body and your soul should be able to get a rest. After each session should you do some stretching or other relaxing exercises in order to get the best results.

If you develop any kind of stress, please stop the exercise immediately and consult a physician. This is why, it is best to directly exercise Shiatsu with an experienced practitioner in the beginning. They supervise you doing everything correctly. Your health is worth more than a single exercise.

In the following will I show you a single and simple exercise that might support you to relax.

Quickly masage the stress away

This simple exercise can be done quickly in between. Of course, you should not do it when you are driving car or bike or in any other situation where you need to focus on something else. You might do it in a quick break at work.

Being in a place where you feel comfortable should support the result. You should not be disturbed or interrupted. Besides this: THis exercis is really quickly done.

Sit down comfortably. Lay your middle finger of the left hand between thumb and index finger of your right hand. The index finger should be on the top, while the thumb i touching the middle finger from below.

Now massage with index finger and thumb of the right hand the area where the nail of the middle finger of the left hand ends. Softly move index finger and thumb in circles for around twelve seconds

After doing this, switch the hands. This means hat the thumb and index finger of the left hand should massage the middle finger of the right hand for twelve seconds. Repeat this twice.

Quickly masage the stress away

This exercise can even be done in any position. It might be the best to do it sitting, but standing or laying might not be wrong. The environment is more important.

As for each exercise comes the best result with repeating the exercise. Feel free, to also check other relaxing exercises for Best Friends on Coachiendo. If you are interested in Shiatsu, ask us, we might add details or consult a Shiatsu practitioner.




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