Please note: For a detailed explanation of QiGong-Terms, as well as to understand the QiGong-Approach, please also check the General Introduction of QiGong..

The exercise “Qi Change” targets in fueling the body with new, fresh Qi and transport the old, used Qi out, like the oil change in a car. This may clean your body and make you feel stronger.

As other exercises, does also this one bring the best results, if you practice it regularly. The more often you exercise, the better should be the outcome. You might do something wrong, if this is not the case. We even recommend you, to also consult a professional QiGong practitioner. This person can understand, whether you do the exercise correctly and can give you the best advice in person.

Open your mind, clean your body and your Qi regularly, to feel fresh and be full of power.

Nevertheless, you can do this exercise already on your own. It is simple. When you start feeling the results, will you know, that you do it correctly. Keep in mind: QiGong is the combination of Physical Postures, Breathing Techniques, Imagination, Attention and your Will (see also: QiGong – General Introduction).

For being able to do this exercise, we recommend to initially follow these instructions:

Get Qi in, shoot arrows away

For understanding QiGong-related terms, please also read “QiGong – General Introduction” initially. In this exercise are Qi and lower Dantian relevant. The Qi is the life energy streaming through all our bodies and the universe. A Dantian is a center of energy within our body. As of QiGong are there three major points. The lower Dantian is three fingers below the belly button and two fingers inside the body.

Close your eyes. Focus on your body and the energy in your lower Dantian. Feel your body. Be completely inside of you and in control of your body. Imagine the following:

Your feet are solid on the ground. They strike roots, growing meters deep into the ground.
The highest point of your head goes high. It touches the sky.
Sky, soil and you are connected, building a unit.
Feel the strength, the power within you.

It is time to fuel your body with this energy. Bring the palm of your hands together in front of your body. Bring them in the same height of your shoulders. Your elbows are a little bend and in the same line: Hand – Elbow – Shoulder. Relax your shoulders. Only index finger and middle finger are elongate. All other fingers are bent into the palm of your hands.

Now deeply Inhale. Imagine how you fuel energy through all your skin, all the pores of your body. Collect this energy in your lower Dantian. Feel the fresh energy increasing with every breath in you take.

Exhaling, imagine the harmful and used energy streaming out of your body. The old energy goes through your arms and the fingertips of index and middle finger back into the universe, where it can clean fresh again.

Repeat this process of breathing in and out as often and as long as you wish, until you feel fresh and energized. You feel better every time.

When you feel great again, take your hands and arms slowly down. Focus on the lower Dantian and observe three more breathing cycles, how new, fresh energy conquers your body. Slowly start to realize your environment again and leave the focus from inside your body to the outside.

Fresh energy, fresh start

Now you can proceed with fresh energy in your day. Enjoy this feeling and repeat it whenever you want to recharge your Qi.

If you do not feel it the first time, do not worry. The success on exercises is laying in doing it regularly. You do not win a party of billiard without practice. You cannot shoot an arrow into the target without exercise and experience. Do not give up, but try it again. If it does not satisfy you at all, feel free, to also try other exercises on Coachiendo.



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