Please note: For a detailed explanation of QiGong-Terms, as well as to understand the QiGong-Approach, please also check the General Introduction of QiGong..

The exercise “Strengthen your Self-Healing” is focusing on activating the self-healing process of your body. Therefore, we will first let your whole body relax, before we stimulate the self-healing. This exercise might positively influence the healing process, e.g. of injuries, if you do it correctly. It is different for everyone. There is no guarantee that it will work for every one. Your belief can sometimes move mountains, but this exercise does not replace your consultancy of a physician.

As other exercises, does also this one bring the best results, if you practice it regularly. The more often you exercise, the better should be the outcome. You might do something wrong, if this is not the case. We even recommend you, to also consult a professional QiGong practitioner. This person can understand, whether you do the exercise correctly and can give you the best advice in person.

Open your mind, give yourself completely to get the result you wish.

Nevertheless, you can do this exercise already on your own. It is simple. When you start feeling the results, will you know, that you do it correctly. Keep in mind: QiGong is the combination of Physical Postures, Breathing Techniques, Imagination, Attention and your Will (see also: QiGong – General Introduction).

We initially need to bring your body into a status of relaxation. Therefore, please follow the instructions of “Relaxing Bodies”.

Healing with the Qi

For understanding QiGong-related terms, please also read “QiGong – General Introduction” initially.

Now that you are in a state of high relaxation, focus on your lower Dantian. This is a point of energy, three fingers below the belly button and two fingers inside your body. Stay with your attention in this point until also the last thoughts cleared your mind. Take your time. There is no reason to hurry.

All your attention is now on your lower Dantian. You feel the Qi (energy) moving freely though your body. Enjoy this stream for a while., Enjoy feeling the energy of life, focusing on your lower Dantian.

Move your attention now freely through your body for a bit. Focus on your sick, injured, stressed or hurting organ or body part. The Qi will follow your attention and flow to this organ or body part, to the place you need it the most.

Stop all your thought, or, if you cannot do that, think about a positive sentence, like “my organ will be healthy and painless again.” Of course, you need to replace the placeholder organ for the body part you want to be good again. If you do not feel pain in it, leave the pain away.

Keep repeating this thought with the focus on your body part to be healed for around 6 minutes. Do not sweep your thoughts or focus. Let the Qi do its job. Do not forget to breath.

After these six minutes, focus on your lower Dantian again. Take some deep breaths, before you leave he inside of your body with your attention again.

Repeat it to get the effect

We recommend to do the full exercise from relaxation to the activation of the Qi at least three times a day. Of course, this exercise does not replace your visit of a physician, but it might support the healing process.

The more times you practice it, the better might be the results. For optimizing the process for you, please consult a QiGong professional that knows about it.

Practicing this does not cause any extra costs. It will at least bring you more experience and control with and over your body. Most people can get to know their body a lot more. It is your temple and you should care about it. You only have the one and cannot change it. Give your body the balance it needs.



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