What is the Dzogchen Practice? Dzogchen means “Great Perfection”. It is a Meditation Practice that targets […]
This is heading element Mahasati Meditation is focusing on conscious moving of your Body and your […]
Understanding “Vipassana” simplifies the Meditation Vipassana targets in giving the right understanding of things, in giving […]
Continuous Focus stabilizes Your Mind Satipatthana Meditation wants to cultivate your Mindfulness. It may even support […]
Develop Calmness to increase the Focus Samatha Meditation wants to calm your mind, allow you to […]
Dhammakaya and the Noble Truth The Dhammakaya Meditation is a powerful meditation to enhance the level […]
Visualize to Clear Your Mind (Kasina) Kasina is a preliminary Meditation which is focusing on Visualization. […]
Mindfulness through Breathing (Anapanasati) The target of Anapanasati Meditation is to reach mindfulness through focusing on […]
How to sit down on the floor during Meditation During Meditation practices are Buddhists often sitting, […]
Buddhism and the four noble truths Buddhism is a unlike (most) other religions not believing in […]
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