Important: How to Stop Wasting your Priceless Time and take Control.
Time and Health are the two most important, even priceless goods. Nevertheless, many people are just […]
There are great things to do with the Energy of Your Dreams
Do you remember the last time you felt passionate for anything? What was it about? Was […]
How you can extremely benefit from Acting Lessons
Some time ago I was taking acting lessons. The people surrounding me reacted in totally different […]
3 simple steps to break your karma for a more happy life.
What goes around comes back around (karma) What goes around, comes back around, but does it […]
The Secret of why staying Positive can bring you success
For Starters: Keep the Focus Imagine you are driving a car around a curve. Where do […]
Imagination is the Power to Accept different Realities Kids have a great talent. They have the […]
Why crossing Borders is mostly a done in Your Mind.
Borders happen to appear in your Head first Earlier last year, when something happened that influenced […]
3 simple Steps to Tear Down Walls
Finding Walls or Building Walls? Who does not know the following situation? A friend comes to […]
How to keep Your Work-Life Balance even (The Samba Way).
Nowadays many people seem overworked, tired of work and/or frustrated from work. I know some people. […]
Why you should shut down your Brain sometimes
The border to healthy Some time ago, I met two people who just finished their studies […]
How to light the Fire of Innovation in your life.
Do you know the feeling when something is coming up to your mind? An idea, a […]
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