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Be selective of your thoughts and start empowering your mind

Your mind is your most precious possession, anything you plant on it will grow and evolve with the time. For this reason, being selective of your thoughts should be a priority and a constant exercise. Just as you organize your apartment or computer files, you should also take the time

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5 Mechanisms for empowering and cleaning your mind

I want to introduce you herewith practices that you can apply in your daily life. These practices help you to clean your mind as well as to boost the happiness and harmony in your relationships with others and your inner self. 1.Illuminate your path Whenever you are facing a difficult

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Why crossing Borders is mostly a done in Your Mind

Borders happen to appear in your Head first Earlier last year, when something happened that influenced me emotionally a lot, there was an amazing energy set free inside of me. Without training for a long time, I was immediately just running for about 2 hours. I do not know how

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