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Truly understanding Reality – Vipassana – Buddhist Meditation

Understanding “Vipassana” simplifies the Meditation Vipassana targets in giving the right understanding of things, in giving you a clear vision. An important component / aspect to achieve the right view are the five to nine or even ten precepts, which are the base of thinking of a clear minded person.

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Culltivate Your Mindfulness – Satipatthana – Buddhist Meditation

Continuous Focus stabilizes Your Mind Satipatthana Meditation wants to cultivate your Mindfulness. It may even support the enlightenment. Buddhists use it to unlock the secrets of our existence, as well as to free themselves from suffering. This meditation increases Concentration and gives insights simultaneously. This Meditation is about continuously focusing

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About Buddhism and Useful Meditation Practices – Introduction

Buddhism and the four noble truths Buddhism is a unlike (most) other religions not believing in a god almighty, but more in becoming awakened and enlightened. Members want to reach this, following the way, the original Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) achieved it around 500 to 600 years before Christ. It is

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