Books published in Cooperation with Coachiendo Get Stop Drifting, Be Alive “Stop Drifting, Be Alive” is […]
Important: How to Stop Wasting your Priceless Time and take Control.
Time and Health are the two most important, even priceless goods. Nevertheless, many people are just […]
Be selective of your thoughts and start empowering your mind
Your mind is your most precious possession, anything you plant on it will grow and evolve […]
Recommended: How to build a team with Knowledge
Simplicity as key to success In one of my former positions, I was working in Controlling […]
Important: Why you be brave enough to do Changes now
Changes can make you feel excited Do you know the feeling, when you just got a […]
How to light the Fire of Innovation in your life.
Do you know the feeling when something is coming up to your mind? An idea, a […]
7 Lessons I learned, following my dreams, so can you.
As I do not want you to see me as someone with only business in his […]
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