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Recommended: How to build a team with Knowledge

Simplicity as key to success In one of my former positions, I was working in Controlling of Global Strategic Programs of a large German company in ICT (information and communication technology) branch. Some day I got the idea of a Knowledge Management System that could actually affect the Team-Spirit. The

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How to get the best Environment for Talents

Maslow as Driver of Talents Some time ago I read an Article about the economic progress of United Arab Emirates in the last years. It says that the UAE are getting more and more popular for talents. The economy is booming and as it seems, this is happening independently from

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6 Basics of Teaming and Leading that you should be aware of

I guess, most of you had lessons about different methods of leading a team in school and university. I think, some method might be misleading, especially in the industry I work in: Startups, focusing on the Internet Industry. 1) Leading with talent From my point of view, human capital is

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