The Secret of why staying Positive can bring you success

For Starters: Keep the Focus

If you do not know where you want to go, you will not go there. Keep the Focus.

Imagine you are driving a car around a curve. Where do you look? Don’t you look to where you want to drive? What happens, if you do not look there, but to the other exact other side? In my experience I risk to leave the street.

How can we apply this to when you do your job (or, if you are a student, your studies)? You do the tasks your boss (or teacher) asks you to do. Some are regular, others are tasks out of the row. How do you realize your tasks? Which steps do you take?

I had a business on my own some years ago, focusing on website programming. In Web /Product Development something is very important: In the beginning you need to analyze and document what you want to achieve. If you do not elaborate the target situation / what is needed and define the steps to take first, there is a high risk, not to achieve your goal, if not even a guarantee that you will miss the target. The quality is getting worse and the way you go takes even longer. A lot of extra work is required to fix this mess up. This is a nice challenge for sure, but you can also avoid this extra challenge. Take smart steps.

Optimizing Optimism

Defining your target and milestones to achieve your goals is one thing, but the way to the target, the process and steps, the sprints are important as well.

Tough times will come, but with a Positive Attitude you will see the Sun Faster again.

Being alive, being outside is an awesome feeling. Travelling, sports, meeting friends, reaching tasks. I have my special strategy to reach whatever I want: If you look for Solutions with a positive mindset, you will find them. If you look for Solutions with risks on your mind, those risks will destroy all potential solutions. I love being a hopeless optimist, I love life, love my wife, family and friends and see the positive in everything. No even the cancer can bring me down.

Trying new things increases my happiness. Exploring the world is for example pure happiness. Motivated by the possibilities I go out into the world, set my sails into the future and know that although tough times might come, they will also leave again. The way looks better with optimism. Optimism is important, like an engine that keeps you staying strong, strengthens your whole body and immune system, that keeps me, fighting cancer. You see more opportunities and progress, if you believe in the good. The way with optimism is much more worth going.

As described above – looking for where you want to be – is my strategy. Sometimes I got hit by the fear of threats that might come and they come. Have you seen these as well? For me, this makes my personal target clear: I optimize my optimism. I take the experience I gained on the way to form my personalized optimism.

Like Shooting Arrows

You can control your Success more than you think, but it is up to you: Take Control!

I think, in life, you can often define the curves on your own. You can be the master of your life, considering surrounding influences. I am the one who is the king of my life. You can compare this to shooting an arrow:

1) I first focus my target in the distance, define what I want to reach.
2) I feel the variation in the wind. I do not look out all the time look for everything around. I get a feeling for it, a feeling for the market.
3) I hear the bow string tighten to start, like defining the milestones, resources and sprints to finalize the project.
4) I let go, let the project run.

The control about when I let the arrow go is completely in my hand. The way I see my environment influences the processes and the result.

Keep yourself together

Your Appearance influences your Success. Your Mood influences your Appearance. Optimism influences your mood and boosts your Success.

People often think, they have only a minor influence on topics. If they sell their solutions this way, they will probably be right. If you sell your solution like you know, it will be accepted, than you also increase the probability to be heard and accepted. The way you think influences the way you talk and your appearance, which influences not only your emotions, but also the emotions of the person who listens. Emotions steer many decisions, just with the simple background that the limbic system is the emotional center of our brain that influences most of our decisions. Stay positive to influence the emotions of your environment positively.

Give it to your senses, don’t think too much, enjoy life, enjoy your time, see the good things happened and do not fear what might come. Set yourself positive goals and you will love life, long and happy as I do.



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