Please note: For a detailed explanation of QiGong-Terms, as well as to understand the QiGong-Approach, please also check the General Introduction of QiGong..

This exercise has the power to fill your whole body with happiness and joy, which leads your body also to relaxation. As a basic, might you also be interested in the Power of a Smile.

Each exercise brings the best results, if you practice it regularly. The more often you exercise, the better should be the results. You might do something wrong, especially if not. Therefore, we recommend you to also consult a professional QiGong practitioner. This person can understand, whether you do the exercise correctly and can give you the best advice personally.

Nevertheless, you can do this exercise already on your own. It is simple and when you start feeling the results, will you know, that you do it correctly. Keep in mind: QiGong is the combination of Physical Postures, Breathing Techniques, Imagination, Attention and your Will (see also: QiGong – General Introduction).

For successfully doing this exercise, please take the following steps:

Let's smile

Now it is time for the exercise. Hold your position. Move the corners of your mouth up. Start smiling softly. Take the smile inside of you. Smile internally, at yourself. Do not fear this feeling. Allow it to conquer your body. You start feeling happier and more relaxed all over your body.

Close your eyes. Only leave a small slash open. All your attention goes inside your body. Imagine how your inner eyes see the tip of your nose. They go down, see your smiling lips. Take the good feeling, seeing you smiling with your and go down with it to your heart.

Feel how this great feeling spreads from your heart through all your body. The center of your body relaxes. Your heart feels good. It is opening and finally smiling. You feel a strong calmness and clearness.

You can keep this image with the connected feeling as long as you want to. Stay with your attention inside your body.

Whenever you feel like stopping the exercise, slowly go from your attention over your heart, mouth and nose up to your eyes again. Pay more and more attention to your environment. Realize the sounds again.

Continuous smiling for a bigger success

As for each exercise does the success lay in repeating it regularly. You get more experienced and better, every time you do it and cannot expect too do everything perfectly right away.

Therefore, do not easily give up. If you do not feel it today, maybe you will feel more tomorrow. Do not give up on the day to early, some surprise might come in the evening. Keep smiling, inside and outside.



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