How a Clever Step Back can safe your Results

The Challenge or a step back

One day in the past, after discussing with a Finance Manager from one of our projects. He was asking me about possibilities of a new banking software I implemented into the companies’ needs and that he wished the old banking software back. Well, I administrated that as well. He was focusing on one single function, which the old Solution was able to provide, but not the new one. I told him “A step back is good some times.“ I was not talking about going back to the old Solution. The step back I am talking about will be clear at the end of this article. The colleague challenged me. He said, he wants to read an Article from me why I think a step back is good sometimes. I herewith accepted the challenge.

Taking a step back sometimes Speeds Up to reach the Next Level

Sometimes you take a Step Back and realize only than, which way to go. Take your Steps smart.

Let me show it to you in pictures:
When I had a business on my own, with me focusing on Website Programming / Product Development, online Marketing and Networking. Especially teaching myself website programming taught me more than setting up Database Systems and working with logically constructed Programming Languages. Furthermore, it taught me about Processing, about Practically Progressing, about Techniques to Reach what I Want, to reach my Target.

My first websites I programmed when I was 13 years old. I developed it completely in html. The difference now: I started developing the main project with more languages than just html. The html background helped me understanding PHP, JavaScript and others. Therefore, remembering about html was a step back for me that made it easier to understand the other, newer languages. This step back helped me moving forward faster.

A Step Backs allows you to apply things you learned on the way

You are learning and practicing all the time. A step back allows you to apply what you learned and brings you better Results tomorrow.

This was not the only situation during that time. Website programming without that much experience brought me to an impasse situation sometimes. A situation where I worked hard on progress, for many hours. Focusing on one thing made me forget what is around. Especially at the beginning, I was looking for a solution, I worked on such challenges for hours sometimes. Until I came to the point to go a step of development back. The step back in combination with what I learned on the way showed me new solutions, new ways I could follow. This is how I finally made huge progress. These steps back were good.

You can also compare this to Civil Engineering, what I was studying beside operating the business (together with Business Administration). Especially when you are calculating the statics of a new building and change things in the draft (as student you still have to do this manually), you sometimes come to drafts, where the statics situation shows that the building is not stable / will break together. Instead of going a step back and change from there, some people move forward try to proceed with progress.

A Step Back in one Situation might enhance the overall Process or Product

A Small Step Back some times can bring a Big Step Forward for the Greater Goal.

Imagine a big building. You need to consider many facts: The ground and weather conditions, where should be the wearing walls, the wishes of the customer and the influencing of the architect. Only moving forward might make you loose control. Whenever I got to the situations of misleading statics, I remembered what I was learning from my business and preferred a step back to see what caused the consequences and how I could influence the target situation positively.

Back to the banking software. My colleague said that in this particular function, the new banking software was a step back. Nevertheless, when I look at the new solution in the totality, I have to say, that this small step back ensures much better and more fluent processes in most other functions. Conclusion: This step back is a good step back from my point of view. This is a small step backwards in one function, which causes an overall progress.



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