Why crossing Borders is mostly a done in Your Mind.

Borders happen to appear in your Head first

Accept, not to have any Borders to find your true abilities.

Earlier last year, when something happened that influenced me emotionally a lot, there was an amazing energy set free inside of me. Without training for a long time, I was immediately just running for about 2 hours. I do not know how far it was, I just know, I saw a lot of Berlin. This helped me to change my mind. I was running myself free again. I was simply crossing Borders by not accepting Borders anymore and it felt awesome. Some days later, I was not directly able to run that much again and I worried why.

I also thought about a friend I met some years earlier. He was singing at the Broadway in New York before and he tried to start his career as singer in Europe, based in Berlin. His idea was to mix the melancholy of blues music with the energy of Electronic beats. I really love his songs. Hearing him singing made me forget everything around. Mixed with his positive aura, he became a good friend as well.

Make your Head free from Borders and Borders will set you free

Make your Head free from Borders and Borders will set you free.

My friend started producing everything on his own, but permanently looking for awesome DJs to create amazing sounds with. He was testing the reaction on his songs singing on the streets. He organized concerts in basements or shops. Now he even is touring through Europe. He is working with DJs from everywhere, but it was not always easy. The music business is really tough business. A lot of fake friends and drugs are in the game.

This friend learned from the industry he is working in, as well as from a non-profit company he had to teach children in South Africa to sing. Music and singing gave the children in South Africa hope, hope for a better life. This is why, he loved doing this, giving children a perspective. Singing became a tool to create energy. Singing changed the thoughts in their heads.

This is the way that my friend taught himself to fight the resistance growing in his head. He changed his thoughts. Thoughts are often the breaks for breaking through. Many people cannot reach what they are able to reach, just by thinking “I cannot do that”, although, maybe you can and he made it. Once you are trained to think like this, it feels like no one can stop you, but be careful, do not forget your environment and your health. And of course, setbacks will always be there, but you can set them back with your Energy.

When it seems, all Borders are gone, suddenly true Borders appear

Be prepared to reach the Next Level every day and to Challenge your True Borders.

Back to running I trained my head to always reach more. I was running each second, sometimes even each day for some weeks. Starting with running 5km, I managed to run each time 0.5 to 1.0 km more. My head was free and I thought, I can reach everything. In some point I was running a bit more than 18 km and I realized what I did not want to believe the days before: This was too fast too far. My knees started hurting a lot and I realized it too late. I had to make a break for some weeks. Now I keep the balance, running 5-10 km some times a week, because I accept that I will not so quickly be able to run a marathon. This is how I overcome my mind every time to run a bit further, but I accept my given borders, I listen to my environment.

This can always also be transferred to other situations, like in an early stage startup, when it is suddenly needed to create a completely new Business plan for around 10 countries plus a Shared Service Center within two days. On the one hand you can tell yourself, I will never manage to do that, or you can overcome those thoughts and just do it. It feels awesome as long as you know your borders.

So be prepared to reach new levels. Be ready to accept: You can take a step further, but do not forget your environment. Things can happen, people might leave your life and you realize it only afterwards. Take a step further, but know your borders. You can reach more than you imagine, but maybe not that much that you want to reach. Take care of yourself.



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