Imagination is the Power to Accept different Realities

Imagination is the Power to see things differently, to find new Solutions even faster.

Kids have a great talent. They have the possibility to live in a dream world from time to time, without being lost in only one world. Kids can easily switch between different realities, the life reality and the fantasy reality. Imagination has a very strong power. It makes you seeing things from different perspectives. A table can be a table where you have lunch, or it can be a roof when hiding from the rain in a forest. A blanket can be a blanket that holds you warm at night or it can be the cape of a super hero, who you are.

With passing time, people lose the power of simply imagining. Through increasing experience, the need to imagine what might happen or what things might be used to, decreases. People see their environment and accept it the way they think it is, without trying to find a different use. People lose the opportunity and creativity to switch to a different view. The result: When an alternative solution is needed, when an innovation might be born, it takes the people more time to see it – if they will see it at all – than, if the creativity was trained.

Be Creative to find Solutions

Save the Child inside of you. Together with your Experience you can develop great Innovations.

Imagine you are with your car on a trip through countryside. Suddenly, the engine of your car stops working. You see no house and no other car around. What do you do? You take your mobile phone and call for help? Imagine you do not have a connection or your battery is down. Do you wait until another car comes around? Imagine, it is winter time and it is freezing outside. Your engine died, so you have no possibility to heat the car up. There is a forest around and it turns dark very early. What would you do? Would you see, what you have in your car and try to make a fire outside? The temperature is minus 15° Celsius. Do you try to put on as many things as possible and just one follow the street, running?

I think, creativity and keeping the inner child alive, might help to better survive a situation like this. You have a lot of experience and together with the inner child you can get awesome solutions. You can enjoy adopting things to a different use. Experiments might make your daily life even more interesting. I can only recommend to train the brain for also thinking differently. A brain, trained for going new and different ways usually makes you happier and more open for innovation.

I believe that also you can start your own small innovations, when keeping your inner child alive. I believe that you can feel happier and be more successful in live. Do not miss your Opportunity.



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